Let's Bring The New In

Out with the old in with the new but sadly not a High School Musical appreciation post, although that will fully happen one day. It’s that part of the week where content is thrown at you for 3 days but wait a second? That’s changing for a little bit. 

The flow of uni, exams, and general life has knocked me off my wave a bit. Normally the pressure is manageable but this topped with feeling unmotivated and stuck in a blogging rut made me kinda tired. I wanted to take some time and reduce my content a little. Still post as my heart desires but stick to that one a week. One week it may be a hidden gems, one week it may be a roundup of the month. 

For now I wanna get experimenting, get those creative juices flowing and get a plan down. Nobody understands how much I love a pattern, my blog should almost be like a story. There’s gonna be old and new, nothing borrowed or blue but it’s being switched up and I’m excited. 

I’ve hinted at a change for ages, before I even knew what that would be. The blog is a work in progress and it’s gonna stay that way. I’m a perfectionist that’s never always pleased so the rough edits you’ve seen and the attempts at something new are always leading to better things. 

I’m excited for the new content and to generally get out there more. Even if it means we go through the hits and the misses. Can’t beat a quitter and I ain’t giving up yet. 

Everything is going to be in moderation, from the Insta’s to the tweets to the blog it’s gonna be done at the right time. You’ll still see me on The Growing Up Guide as per just the rest is taking a step back. Time to rearrange the shelf of creativity and put it in a new order.

I can’t wait to see what the new change brings, let’s mix it up 

Until next time, Chloe! 


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