Staying Original In This Blogging World

There isn't a day that goes by where someone isn't 'copying' somebody else. You both have the same shirt like probably 10,000 other people do but suddenly you're copying them. It's hard to be original when everyone is so insistent on not being copied. It's hard to be in this business and be original at times, you may all want to do a post on that new foundation, a lot of people might like it and that automatically becomes copying. 

Just because two people like something and they have a similar experience how can we call that copying. It makes little to no sense, if I want to talk about the instagram algorithim and so does someone else it's nothing original nor is it copying. Everyone has their moments with the algorithim, everyone finds out about similar things and a lot of us have collected opinions. It's not copying if you agree with something or following the same thing. 

There are clear examples of copying I get that, but we can't be so viscous towards people, we are all in a platform where it's hard to stand out and make an impact. Do you want your impact to be that you attack other bloggers because their post is similar. It's not fair to attack another blogger for having similar passions or taste to you, if you feel so threatened that you're being copied stop comparing yourself to others in the first place. 

The blogging world is hard, there is a sense of community and there is a lot of drama involved that comes with this community. Everyone makes their following in one way or another, there is sadly however the people who use this impact and feed to boost their content by slamming others. There are countless bloggers that constantly attack small scale bloggers to get a higher following. It's sad to see because we all work hard, we're all going for the same thing so why start attacking someone just because you want fame and popularity. You don't get people by claiming someone copied you and playing the victim. 

The whole idea of being original is pretty much out of the window now, you can't claim to have an original post or a new idea without someone slapping you down and saying you copied someone. The fine line between copying and taking inspiration from someone is that you make it personal, the content has your own personal flair to it and you add the inspiration and your style together. It's like a recipe where the mix needs a base of inspiration and your style is that nice flavouring added in. 

Let me know what you think of this debate, there are clear examples where people have been copied but I don't think it happens all the time like the drama accounts report. It's time to end all this drama and just support one another, we shouldn't be attacking each other this should be a community built on love and support not hate. 

Until next time, Chloe!

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