Why You Can Wear That

I'm over the days of hearing someone saying they can't wear something or try a new thing out. I'm talking about makeup and fashion here we won't get much deeper than that for now. I see constantly on my feeds people talking about stuff they wish they could wear. Those bright purple hoops, that extra eye look. Anyone can wear those, it takes putting them on and stepping out the door to do it. 

Why do we feel like we can't wear or try something? The difference between you and that person who's rocking it is that they are doing it. There's no reason why people can't try it. I use to feel like I couldn't wear blue jeans, it's such an odd thing to think about. I've got body insecurities and the vision of me in blue jeans I couldn't shake out of my head. I woke up one day bought a pair put them on and went out, it was weird at first but I got over it. It takes that exposure to get over it, now I wear them pretty much all the time. 

Same with makeup, I used to hate not having a full face on and now it doesn't bother me if I do or not. I got more confident with myself and accepted my face the way it is with or without makeup. It took some time and it definitely isn't that easy but it feels so good afterwards when you've done it. It takes doing something once to change your outlook on things. Wearing blue jeans for one day in public has led me to wear them all the time. 

It seems so trivial me banging on about wearing different jeans to the usual but it is a real thing for a lot of people. We can try new things there is no danger in it, go rock those purple hoops, get that full smokey eye on and go try it out. Even if you don't feel amazing showing it off straight away have a practice, let yourself see it first and then go out. Your opinion on it won't be the same as everyone else's and don't sike yourself out and think everyone will hate it. Whoever cared about what other people think anyway? That change isn't gonna hurt anybody. 

Everyone can try something new, for me I wanna wear my hair up more especially in Summer. I've always had a want to have my hair down covering my face but it's time to get that hair up. Forget that worry and show the face and jaw off, I mean it may not be the best-contoured jaw but I deserve to show off my face and stop hiding it. That winged eyeliner took a while to do I'm not gonna keep it covered by my hair. 

Let me know if you're gonna try something new out, I'd love to see what everyone is gonna try out. It's a slow process but I don't want to hear or see anyone say they can't wear or try that because you can and you know you can so go out there and do it!

Until next time, Chloe! 

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