How LinkedIn Has Helped My Blog: The In's and Out's

LinkedIn was something ancient to me, I remember being told about it in college and having no idea. It was pitched as the Facebook for people with jobs and I couldn't think of anything worse. Once I started University we heard all about LinkedIn again, this time it was to get us ready for the big world. At this point I had something to put on there, could talk my life away about the stuff I've done and it finally started to make sense. Since having my LinkedIn I've managed to get several job offers and see more what opportunities could be available to me when I graduate. I almost kinda feel proud when I go to my mine, I get to see what I've achieved and it's a good feeling, I wish younger me had realized how important this could be. So for those who are unsure and don't know where to start let's go through some of the in's and out's of how my LinkedIn helped boost my blog. 

First off, it's the place to show off what you've done. Whether it's a few hours volunteering at a job you did for 10 seconds. It's time to get proud and show off what you've done, for me I've mentioned this blog, The Growing Up Guide, and my part-time job. It's time to show off what we've done. Especially when it came to my blog I found it so helpful to go through it all, if an employer is gonna stumble across your profile you want to show off everything. 

Network, network, network just like the odd Facebook friends list you have where it's full of people you probably met once LinkedIn is the place to get that never-ending list of connections. You can find people through interests, profession, or even where they are from. It helps you to branch out and discover people similar to you. For me, I've managed to find where people from my degree have gone career and location wise. It helps put into perspective what everyone can do after the degree. Blogging wise it's helped me to branch out and find bloggers across the world. 

Recommendations will become your best friend when you're struggling to find a job or you want someone to support what you do recommendations can be a great place. When applying for freelance work recommendations really help, you can ask previous clients or even co-workers to write a recommendation on your work. Similar to a reference but they get to see it before they've offered you a position. It really helps to get the ball rolling and get you on a career path. 

If you're not looking for a career but just want to network LinkedIn still works great, you can track your skills and get a real range out there. Depending on your interests you can see what skills are essential and even enroll in courses to develop and boost your skills. 

For me LinkedIn has really helped to connect me and educate me on what I can do on my blog, it allows me to see where the blog needs to be taken and find out what needs to be done going ahead. I highly recommend everyone at least checks it out, it can be a helpful tool to see what you need to and what might be useful whether it's work to volunteering. 

Let me know if you give LinkedIn a go and if you do let's connect on there!

Until next time, Chloe! 

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