The Girl Bosses You Need To Know About This Year

It's not often that we celebrate other people and their success, it's a weird thing in society but I don't understand. Why wouldn't you want to celebrate people's success it doesn't discourage your own. I thought we'd spend a good amount of time talking about some of the lady bosses you need to know about, from youtubers to bloggers to Instagram babes these are some of the people that have inspired me on a daily basis. 

First off is Megan Ellaby, a fellow Manchester-based blogger she has a youtube channel and oh my is she a darling. She is a fun light hearted person and that fashion sense wow I am in love. She was one of the first bloggers that I engaged with, constantly checking her social media and falling in love with every outfit. She's also an absolute sweetheart, she inspires me to take the blogging gig full time. I'd love to be able to devote more time to my blog I'd be able to put all my passion into this blog. Apart from the outfit love she cares and supports issues close to her. Last year she organized a clothes sale raising money over £5,000 for the We heart Manchester Emergency Fund I managed to pop in quickly and the event had such an amazing atmosphere. You hear all the time about the homey feeling Manchester has but you really experience it at times like this. 

Next up is Rachael Jemmett, she is an Instagram sweetheart I have had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of times. From the amazing makeup looks to the real life posts she is an absolute dream. For me I just love how honest she is, there isn't anything fake about her and in a community based on people portraying what they want, it's nice to see someone being honest. Apart from the amazing looks, she shares her story with her health issues and she's just an all-round honest and nice person. I might add on another time about the Instagram community but let me tell you this gal is someone to watch honestly. 

Hilary Costin is another Instagram babe you need to watch, I've been following her for over a year now and it's so amazing to see how her account has grown. From makeup tutorials to product reviews she's really killing the game. I have taken inspiration from so many of her makeup looks. I never realized how much I want to do bright colored wings until I stumbled across her page. You all honestly need to give her a look. 

The last girl boss but certainly not the least is Emmi Bowles, I've got the pleasure of working with Emmi for The Growing Up Guide. She has built this magazine from the ground up and the development over the past couple of months has been amazing. I honestly would not be able to do everything she does her heart and soul is into it and it shows. I've met with her a few times for brainstorm sessions and it's so amazing to meet someone as passionate about blogging and really bringing the magazine together. Her and The Growing Up Guide are definitely ones to watch this year! 

There we have it, I could easily go on for another 10 pages about all the other girl bosses out and about. If you want to see a follow-up or a bit more chat about empowering each other amongst this kinda platform comment down below and let's talk about other lady bosses. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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