Plan For Final Year

The final year is coming up soon and crunch time is ticking, it seems weird to me that I am close to graduating. It makes me feel happy but at the same time it's also seriously terrifying and it makes me feel so anxious. It's crunch time and this is the year that really counts now. Just like with the second year I've set out a plan, how I am going to smash this final year and get it all going. 

First on the list is my mental health, I am currently going through low cbt for my anxiety and my sessions will be finished before I start back. There's a lot that happened during the second year and my mental health really took a turn for the worse, but I'm happy to be getting help and I'm on the road for it all to get better now. I really want my final year to be the year where I feel in control, I'll be able to take control of my mental health and be in a much better place mentally. 

I want to be involved again but on a bigger scale, after being a student rep I really enjoyed this role and I'd love to do it again this year. I managed to influence and drive changes and I cannot say how much I enjoyed it, it felt great to be listened to and have the power to shape the program and what happens for us as students. I am also now a student representative for the British Psychology Society and I cannot wait to influence other students to join the society, from helping find you your career path to even getting your new graduate job. I also am becoming a coordinator for our Peer Support team that helps the first year settles into their first year at University and helps the experience go all smoothly and all that jazz. 

Content, I really want to engage with the course material this year. I will be doing fewer modules so there will be more time to get involved and become more interactive with the workload. I found myself falling out of love with the content towards the end of the second year and I can't wait to do the topics I've chosen!

I want to engage with my blog more as well, I'll have more time to put my time and effort into everything so I'm hoping that the blog doesn't fall onto the back-burner. I really enjoy blogging and I can't wait to re-work and focus on my content more whilst there's the build-up to final year. 

Let me know if you're starting University or going into your final year, I'm in a real mix of emotions but I'm hoping it should be good!

Until next time, Chloe! 

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