Everything I Want To Achieve Before I'm 30

It's weird to think in 10 years time I'll be 30. It was a whirlwind of a day turning 20, I had mixed emotions the whole way through. I had a lot of panic in me surrounding Uni and general life stuff but at the same time I was excited to be out of my teens and into my 20's. Each year I set goals I want to achieve before the next birthday but for once I wanna give myself more time for these goals. They are fairly big scale but they're things I've always wanted and something I strive for on a daily basis. I've narrowed it down to around 5 main things but let's see what else has landed onto my list as the years go by. 

1. Travel Travel Travel: So yeah I really want to explore more places, I don't mean the whole oh yeah I've been on a gap year type of thing but I would really love to spend some time exploring and going round places across the world. I visited Budapest this year and I really have the travel bug to do a few places in one. Let me know where you've been and what you recommend, I want to check out a few places around Europe so let me know! 

2. Mental Health Needs Some TLC: It's about time I started cutting myself some slack, it's been an up and down battle but I want to spend more time for me. I have put so many things ahead of mental health in the past and it's really creeping up on me now. Even if it's learning new ways to deal with anxiety or when I'm on the verge of a panic attack every little helps. 

3. Graduate, whether this happens in the next year or if it takes me a bit longer I want to finally finish my in education. I would love to go on to do a masters but for now I want some time away from education once I've graduated. It's been great but there is some time that I need to claim mentally and I'd love to get an internship and gain some experience before I go on to a masters! 

4. I'd love to get a tattoo, I've been indecisive on a tattoo idea for a while. I really want to get somethin that commerates Manchester whilst also staying personal to me, I really like the idea of incorporating soemthing to it but I am very indecisive on what this should be. If you have any tattoo inspiration send it my way! 

5. Read Read Read, I want my possession back for reading again. I used to read all the time in college and I really have missed it, I don't prioritise my time for it and I seriously miss it. My goal for this Summer is to get a book finished, I genuinely do miss it and mentally it helped me to relax and focus my attention on other things. 

These are all achievable and I can't wait to look back each year and see how much I have managed to achieve. Let me know down below what your goals are for the next couple of years ahead. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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