I've Got What Pierced???

I've always been fascinated by piercings, you can have them in so many different places and different styles and they really just let you switch things up. For me I always dreamt of having an ear full, now I have 9 ear piercings and I love them all. Some were quick do it without really thinking decisions but you get a bit of an addicition for them once they're done. I dream of having the magic number 10 but I thought for now let's kick back and talk about where and what i've had pierced, did they hurt, and how they're doing now!  

First off are the classic lobes, I have 3 on both ear and I waited a while in between each one to get them done. My first bit of advice with any piercing is to take a considerable amount of time between each piercing so they can heal and be all good to go. Lobes didn't hurt and the aftercare was pretty easy for them, with any piercing I recommend the Boots Sterile Saline solution, you can grab it buy all the contact lense solution and it's honestly one of the best. I've had a bottle since I got my second helix piericng and I don't even think I've used a quarter up yet. The only tip I have for lobe piercings is to watch the earrings you put in to them, all my lobe piercings are quite close together and when the piercings catch on each other it can really affect the healing time. Until they've healed and are ready to go always stick with a simple piercing and then work your way up. 

The Helix piercing was the next for me, I didn't get this until about 2 years ago and since then there's been more. You can get either a stud or hoop and for me it had to be a hoop, I got one with a ball closure ring that makes it easy to take it out when needed. Pain wise this didn't hurt it was more of a weird sensation, it is a sharp rush of pain that lasts a couple of seconds. The healing time is around 6 months, for me this healed quite quickly and it didn't take a while to clear up. The only weird thing with it is the issue of sleeping, majority of my piercings are on my right ear which is also the side i sleep on so it took some adjusting to begin with before I got used to it. 

I then went in with a second again, this one I do regret and I now have it out thankfully, I got it on a whim one day and didn't really think much about the placement. I got it too close to the first helix piercing and it didn't work well. It struggled to heal and I got a lot of pressure lumps that made it painful, to the point where it wasn't worth having it. 

So at this point I was on number 8 and I needed something new but in a differet spot. I decided to get my tragus piercing. I'd always wanted it done and I thought now was the time to go for it. Pain wise it felt fine and aftercare was amazing, it's one of the piercings I've had the best healing time with. I honestly couldn't fault it and it's one of my favourite, there aren't many people you see with it and I can't wait to change the stud and play around with it. 

After this I thought I would go for one more helix piercing, this is my most recent one and healing wise it's got a bit of time to go. It's been in for about a month now so it's definitely on the way to going good. Healing wise it's gone good and I'm so happy with the placement. After getting this one I decided to take my second helix out. So now it's down to 9 and I can't wait to get the tenth. 

I'm unsure what to go for with the 10th I like the idea of going for a stud right up in the top of my lobe but i'm a bit unsure on what to go for. Let me know what piercings you have or which ones you'd love to go for. 

Until next time, Chloe!

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  1. I love piercings! I have taken a couple of mine out now �� getting old & all that haha

  2. My skin doesn't like piercing for some odd reason. When I got a lobes done, I took care of it and it healed nicely after a whole year. I recently got my nose done and it's doing the same thing. I'm going to have to wait a while before I get my next piercing (which is such a pain!) Loved the post x