Packed Train Makeup Routine

Skincare and makeup are they really the things we should be doing on a packed out train that’s going at a stupid rate whilst trying to balance everything on one of the smallest tables known to man? Probably not, however, I did and it was an experience, to say the least. In this situation, you need essentials, the trusty faves that get the job done and provide effortless results. For me, this became key very quickly, during my sardined train to Edinburgh I had a solid 20 minutes to do minimal skincare and makeup before the train would get filled and busy again. So why not talk through and reminisce about the products that got me good and ready to go quickly? Yes, let’s crack on. 

Skincare was minimal, and when I mean minimal I mean m I n I m al. I just about slathered on some moisturizer and that was my lot. I couldn’t face waiting ages for my whole routine to be done with so it was a bit of moisturizer and a couple of minutes of relaxation then it was time for the makeup. 

Now I was smart here, whilst there’s about an arm's length of room around me let’s get the eyes done. This was something I needed space for, the rest can be done cramped up in my seat. So the Soph Does Nails Extra Spice and Revolution Regeneration palettes were out within seconds. Going with Poster as my base shade I swept this across the lid and used ponytail to fill in the brows, sounds odd but it works!. I decided to go bravely on the train. I wanted an orangey yellow sunset beautiful that kinda vibe look, so out was the Running late across the lid blended in a very short amount of time over the lid going into the crease. Once this was looking all blended it was time to go in with sweet n sour in the crease to add a bit of dimension to it, I felt so swish being able to do this and not panic once. Once I had this all on it didn’t feel complete, so after going in with some Vitamin C in the inner corner this really added a bit of a VA Voom to the whole thing. But as I said I was feeling brave I decided to pack some La Sun onto the lid to get that gold going strong. Now we were in business and I felt like I’d really achieved something. 

Now hold yourselves, I’m using a different liner than usual still using the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof mascara but at least I’ve changed the liner. I decided to test out the Bourjois ultra black liner and oh my it’s a dream. Easy to apply just like the Soap and Glory Supercat and it feels so good to have a bit of a switch up sometimes doesn’t it. 

After all this I went in with the Collection lasting concealer and gave the illusion of not tired or irritated skin and made my face all swish and “naturally” bronzed with the Soap and Glory Solar Powder bronzer, oh yeah I tried a different bronzer for once as well. All this paired with Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick in Tyrant and I was ready to relax for the last 5 minutes of my journey. 

All in all, I’m happy with the look, despite the weird stares and looks of pure confusion from other passengers I’m impressed with how it turned out. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t be that complicated to blend in your concealer whilst holding onto about 15 things at once. Let me know if you’ve ever tried to tackle train makeup before, whether it went good or bad let me know!

Until next time, Chloe!