The Pixi Skincare Surge

Skincare has been a bit hit and misses for me, I go great with it for so long and then I struggle to keep up with it and my skin just goes to pot. Especially with hormonal breakouts, my skin can get a lot thrown at it. I've dealt with scarring, texture, breakouts, and a mix of oily and dry skin. I decided to spend a bit of time researching and see what I could do to help sort my skin out. It needed boosting I knew what needed to be added. After 20 minutes of browsing on Cult Beauty, I had 4 new products arrive at my door. 

Glow Tonic Glow

I decided to go for stuff that still would be easier to use, and wouldn't need to be used every morning and night. I picked up a scrub, mask, acid peel, and toner to help get this skin sorted. I already have my well-loved cleanser and moisturisers but I needed the little bits in between. I picked up the Pixi Fast Flash Facial Set, packed with 3 life-saving skincare products. The ever so raved about Glow Tonic, with glycolic acid it's ready to care for your skin by brightening your complexion and get your skin glowing, this has been my hands down favourite out of the trio. It works on my skin fast and you can actually feel it getting to work on your skin, results wise I started to see results after 3 days. My skin had a nice glow to it that it'd been lost without for a while. I apply this every night and some mornings depending on how busy the day looks. 

Rose Flash Balm

Then going in with the Rose Flash Balm to brighten the skin and give the skin the boost it desperately needs. For so long my skin has been looking so dull and I'm so happy that I started getting using products that brighten my skin. It suggests it can be used in the morning or at night but for me, this has worked best in the morning before my primer. It isn't strong enough to be a moisturiser on its own in my opinion but it definitely works well to give my skin that added boost. 

Peel and Polish

The Peel and Polish is definitely up there for me, I've wanted a peel product for a while and I'm so happy I picked this up. Once your skin is clean and makeup free, rub this into your skin and it helps to get everything off. A bit like a scrub but more concentrated to pulling all the bad bits out of your skin. You can leave this to do its thing for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off leaving your skin feeling soft as ever and looking like it's had a right good clean. I normally do this one to 2 times a week depending on how my skins been. 

These have been the main things that have been helping to improve my skin, there's one other product as well but I want to give that a whole separate post, I am trying out one of The Ordinary's acid peels and I want to give a separate blog post to the world of acid peels and how I'm feeling after using one. Let me know what your current skincare loves are and any skincare tips you have!

Until next time, Chloe!

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