A Bit Of A Guide To Getting Stuff Done

I'm not here to sell you this amazing plan where all your procrastination issues are solved, sadly I'd need to put that into practice for myself first. What I can do however is talk a little bit about this, procrastination is such an odd thing. Everyone does it but sometimes it can feel more than that, you physically can't seem to get anything down no matter how hard you try. Some hours feel unproductive where others feel like nothing can stop you. It's a hard thing to tackle so I thought to help us all feel a little less guilty about it I'd talk about the things that tend to help me when i'm in the procrastination phase. 

Some weeks I struggle to get anything done, this isn't due to me being lazy or not wanting to do it but sometimes there can be so much going on I can't focus on one sole thing. With having constant alerts on my phone and laptop and notes everywhere it's not easy to just focus on one thing when there are about 15 other things you could also be doing. For me it's all about a plan, it sounds silly but every Sunday night I write out everything for the upcoming week. From lessons to plans to anything I'd like to do and then set out day to day goals and stuff that needs to get done. You'd be surprised at how much this helps but when I walk into the library knowing that I need to start an essay, respond to some emails and get a few blog posts done it puts me in the right frame of mind. I'm that person that says yes to everyone without thinking about how to fit it all in, so when I can break all the tasks into days and see that some days are a lot lighter than others then it makes me feel more focused and ready for the day. 

Where you go to get work done can be a big factor as well, for me I cannot get work done in my room I struggle to focus and for me, I like to associate places with certain things. My room is where I can relax and do other things than sit in bed at 11pm writing an essay, whereas university buildings and cafes are where I can go to get my work done and for me, this is the biggest motivator. Once I've made the effort to go out then I know I have to go home having done something. 

Who you're around is a big factor as well, for me, I get easily distracted by people. I love to talk and this becomes such an issue a lot of the time. If I've got a lot on then I like to go and get work done by myself and meet up with people halfway through, this stops me from getting lonely and itching to go speak to someone but also lets me get stuff done without racing to the deadline to do it. I can never do something close to a deadline so having the time to get the work done and go through it thoroughly helps me so much to stay on top of everything and know where I'm up to. 

Amongst all this, it's important to know your limit. If you've been trying to revise for the past two hours and you just aren't getting anywhere then stop. Get up go for a walk or put on some music and distract yourself for at least 20 minutes. This might sound a bit daft but it helps to give your brain a break and get focused again if you push yourself to try and understand something that you aren't getting then your brain will just clock out and then time is being wasted. For me, I know when my limit is and when I've pushed myself too far and when I hit this everything gets switched off and I get some me time. 

The last tip I have is to plan what you are gonna do around work, for me having things planned that can take my mind off everything and give me something different to do helps me stayed focus. For me my main motivator is the gym at the moment, I love being able to walk in there and not having to focus. I get a bit of a digital detox when I walk in there and it's honestly so refreshing to just have some me time where I can't get distracted by an email or a text its pure bliss. 

Whatever works for you just understand that sometimes none of this will work and you will get stuck in a rut where nothing seems to click but this is okay! And realistically it has to happen every now and then, we get too caught up in this constant have to be a busy point when in reality we really don't need to. Always take time for yourself and focus on you first!

Until next time, Chloe! 

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