Get Them Warm Tones Girl

I'm a warm tone girl through and through and I can't deny that. With the weather getting colder and the leaves falling I thought it would be time to go a little different with the makeup. The eyes are getting a little darker and I thought for those of you who want a bit of a makeup switch up this would be helpeful. I'm gonna be using 100% drugstore to get the look fit for Autumn so let's go through to the eyes and then the rest of the routine. 

To set this all out I'm using the Makeup Revolution Supersize concealer and getting it packed on the lid, this has great coverage and lasts for so long and it really works wonder to hold stuff in place. Then it's time to go in with the Soph Does Nails Extra Spice palette. Using the shade running late I'm taking this all over the lid as a base. This is a perfect orange shade to really get it going, once it's blended in I'm going in with Sweet n Sour in the crease as a transisiton shade, normally I would just leave this at that normally as this already packs a punch but I thought I would go a little darker with it being Autumn and sweep a bit of Cookie Dough and Chocolate orange on the outer corner to build it up.

After it's all blended out the look is good and ready to go, I always have to go for liner as otherwise it just feels weird and my makeup doesn't feel complete. I'm lining the eyes with the Bourjois Slim Feature Liner, this helps to get that fine point without being too much. Then i'm going in with the only mascara I ever use and even taking it onto the lower lash a little. 

If you did wanna go on the much darker side of things then the Naked Heat Palette is the one for you, taking Ounce and chaser across the lid as a good base, and then going in for the kill with low blow and he devil to build it up a little. I love taking this over the crease and then going in with Cayene to really go all out. 

For me a warm tone look isn't anything out of the oridinary but I like switching it up and going a little darker really adds a bit of variety. Can't beat something a little bit different to the usual routine. Then it's all over the rest of the face with the rest of the routine, not much of this has changed and I'm hoping to do an Autumnal Makeup Routine later on. 

Let me know what makeup you're going for this Autumn, I'm excited to see all the different makeup looks everyone is going for!

Until next time, Chloe! 

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