Those Essential Autumnal Pieces

Let's start off like every other Autumnal post by announcing that Autumn is here, let's bring in the leaves and get the themed hot drinks out. But what are you gonna wear? It's all about the reds and oranges and really getting pops of colour. This year I really wanna bring a bit of dark green into my life, and in case you're struggling with what to get or what a little bit of inspiration I thought I'd go through the essential bits I've picked up for Autumn. 

First, off jumpers and more jumpers, they're easy to style with anything and make a statement without you having to do much. Whether you want something super thick or on the thinner side, there's a jumper for all. And plus these can always be layered over a turtleneck or a polo to add an extra layer. For me, I like to stick with a simple jumper and pair it with some statement pants or jeans. 

Pants (Similar)(Primark Old)

Speaking of statement pants, it's the time of year where you can really keep yourself warm. I love wearing statement trousers because not only do they keep you warm they add a little something to your outfit. I have brought back my culottes from the Summer into Autumn with me but if you're looking for some a little different, Primark and New Look have brought out some new ones to get you in that Autumnal mood. 

Jeans are another one on the list, whether you're a black jean lover or want to go a little lighter. This time of year is perfect to bring them out, whether they're paired with trainers or a pair of boots they keep you warm and can make an outfit casual or dressy in just a flash. I'm pairing this stand out the jumper from New Look with my light blue jeans, I've just ordered these new black ones and I can't wait to get them out. 

Trainers or Boots, whatever your kind of thang is. I am a big lover of boots but at the moment trainers are still the main piece of my heart. They go with anything and are easy to wear all day. However, there are a few boots that are staying on my list especially these from Asos are perfect, from that chunky sole to the simple Chelsea boot style I love the switch up with these. 

The last essential is a good bit of corduroy, you can't go wrong with corduroy and especially if you can find a nice jacket or jumper then you can wear it throughout the season. They give your outfit a bit of a vintage feel to them and with a jacket, they can be worn in several ways as well!


These are just a few of the bits you need to grab for Autumn, head on over to my ShopStyle to find out the other bits I'm loving. I've created an AW18 List full of everything you need!

Until next time, Chloe!