Let's Chat For A Second

So I've been a little quiet on here, it's been a busy couple of weeks and a lot has been happening behind the scenes here and it's been weird to sit down and write a blog post. I ignored everything for a little bit to get my head together and plan a few things: where I want the blog to go and also where I'm going to go after university. 

University and graduating are gonna get its own separate post as oh my I could write a book about that so that will be the next post to go up. I wanna do a crash course to being a good graduate before you graduate and so far I'm loving the post so expect to see that soon! It's final year and the pressure is on and my heads been in a bit of a funk as I've had to do a lot of thinking on a load of different things. 

Life has been a bit weird recently, it's been hard to get into a routine and I've felt a little all over the place. I need a routine to some extent and with deadlines, life, and changes hitting you it's hard to get all that. Life wise and deadlines are something that is settling now but changes are the main thing staying on my mind and here's why 

I don't know where I want my blog to go

I want to push it and get it really smashing with the engagement, I've been doing a lot better view wise but it's the social media and everything in between that needs a good lick of paint. For me, it's been hard getting out of this rut because I wanna switch something up but I haven't known what to do with it. The main thing I wanna focus on is more lifestyle posts, yes I still love a good wing but right now life is really pushing my focus and it's something I think everyone needs to be able to have a little read of every now and then, everyone loves a bit of variety so stay tuned. 

I want my blog to be like a Celebrations tin, all the bits everyone loves and grabs for and I know no matter what some of my posts will become the bounty that nobody wants till the absolute end but you know what? I'm happy with that. Creating posts that I love and running social media accounts that I'm proud of is the main thing for me. 

I'm starting to get more pictures and get more outfit shots so that's definitely gonna be boosting the good old Instagram, I wanna get my Pinterest and Shopstyle mojo back but I've got a few ideas and i\d love to get back into my series' again! It gives people a hint of what's to come before you see the end result. 

Let me know down below if you've been in a bit of a rut recently I think it's something that hits everyone but is ready to bounce back and get back on track

Until next time, Chloe!

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