The Undergrad Guide To Graduating

So it's final year, a bit of pressure on you to know what you want to do. Or you could be in the first or second year and just really want to get ahead, oh how I wish I was you. It's daunting to suddenly decide what you want to do, where are you going to go? Masters or graduate scheme or do you want to take some time out for you. Either way, it's hard to find the best places to get information from, so I thought I'd give you a little guide into the main things I've been using. 

First up get a notebook, sounds daft but call it your 'get your future sorted' list any careers events, post-graduate fairs and all the good stuff surrounding the future. This will help you get a timescale for things because everything starts to go soon and applications are due in usually around December. So once you get a timescale sorted you can see where your time is, nothing worse than going to apply for something to find out the applications closed 30 minutes ago (Yep that happened to me this year.)

Apply for anything and everything, at a first glance it might not sound like something you're interested in but there's no harm in applying. It gives you an experience of the application process and if you have to do any situational tests this gives you the help to push you for the application you find that really appeals to you. Whilst you're going along make sure you track where you've applied for 

Get those practice tests going, situational judgement tests are something you really have to practice for luckily though there's plenty of websites that offer practice ones. Be careful as not every single one will give you feedback on how you did but they let you see what it's like to think at the moment and act on decisions. Check out this website for over 10 situation tests ranging from different topics, or if you would rather print the questions and spend more time on them then this website is great! To ensure you answer the question the best you can, make sure to check the values and ethics of the company to hint how your answers should be focused. As you don't often get to input your own answers so make sure to pay close attention to the responses provided. 

If you're not managing to find many graduate schemes, make sure you're looking through the right places Prospects is great to separate jobs from certain sectors, Target Jobs details everything from around the world, and Graduate Jobs is great for the last minute people such as myself who forget the deadlines. Which brings me onto the next thing, get that cv dusted off and updated as most places will receive your transcript once you graduate they still expect a cv that talks about everything you've done, don't feel bad for bragging about all the volunteering and stuff you've done outside of your degree. 

If you haven't managed to get anything extra onto your cv use your time wisely and get some stuff chucked onto there. From volunteering at a charity shop to even do a couple bits to raise money there's plenty that can be done. I've taken part in Action on hearing loss and running Dementia Friends Sessions to rank up the hours. 

Either way, I wish you the best of luck with everything, it takes time and effort but it's all worth it. Whether you have your idea sorted or not it's great to ensure you get everything you can whilst you're at University so make this final year really count! 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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