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Going Through Those Makeup Blues

There's a point in everyone's life where we get a bit bored, whether it's from a tv show you've watched too many times, a song you've listened to and could probably perform better than the band to even the makeup you apply all the time. There's something ingrained in us to love a good routine, from constantly sticking to what we know it's a constant thing we do, but sometimes there needs to be a bit of a mix-up. For me, I've felt a bit meh about my makeup recently, not in terms of the actual makeup on my face and the end result but more so the fact that my makeup consists of products I've used and stuck with maybe a bit too long. I remember rolling my eyes at posting a flatlay one day, consisting of products I use far too often, with the little variation it made me feel like nothing was changing and I love to mix things up every now and then.

So I've taken on a challenge to mix up two parts of my makeup, I have a weird relationship with elements …

Confessions of a Lonely Person

Loneliness isn't just for when you're by yourself, you can feel it even in a room full of people. It's something that hits you like a wave, it can be a constant feeling or something that just drifts. It's hard to try and describe exactly what it feels like, for me, it feels like sadness and something that I can't shake. I feel alone and isolated and my mind starts going mad. I become more conscious of what's going on and how people are reacting to my every move. 

Being in the city makes it worse to some extent, I make sure that I try and spend at least 20 minutes each day to go outside and just allow myself to walk. I want the time to be able to clear my head and just appreciate what is around me, for a while this was great but I started to feel lonelier the more I did it. My thoughts that were originally all about the environment in and what I was going to do for the rest of the day was then consumed without how alone I felt and this overwhelming fear of going …

What Didn't Make It Into 2018

2018 had a lot of stuff in it, I got more comfortable with getting photos and it showed the good and bad of the year. There's a lot of bloopers and photos that never made it onto here, I wanted to narrow it down to the main ones that I think really sum up the year or are some of the best memories whether it's from a great blog post or just the day of shooting. 

There's something about this that gets me everytime, me and Jess spent so much time going round the markets and it was so fun to go round and just get some photos and get in the festive spirit. Reality is we kept on going back to the cheese stand to get free samples to the point where the guy was just giving them to use and giving us cheeky deals, it's the little things that make your Christmas x

Here's me pretending to act like I own the place and honestly this is one of my favourite photos of the year. It's not the most flattering one of me but you know what am happy and it was such a funny day of shooti…


Bit of a funny word authenticity, especially in today's world where our feeds are consumed with fake promotional adverts and people living off of trends that won't last forever. It's hard to see what's real now and social media is only growing to become more and more of a disoriented reality, the powerful thing with social media is that you can paint whatever reality you want. 

And 2018 really taught me that, it was a very big whirlwind of a year. Mixed with a lot of things it really stripped me to my lowest and highest points. But throughout all of this, I tried to remain my "blogger self" which since scrolling through my Twitter is just a person who won't share their opinion much and won't post much of the bad side to things. It's a shame because I am never the person who stays quiet, my personal twitter and Instagram is filled with my life and I feel like I've held back so much last year. 

It's time for AUTHENTICITY it should be in all ca…