The New Blogging Rules? What's The Crack

So on the 23rd of January, the CMA launched the new set of disclosure rules. This sparked the influencer world, in a mix of emotions. Influencers are celebrities, YouTubers, vloggers, bloggers, your next door neighbour probably or just in general anyone who promotes or has a big following to share products from brands. Previously, many influencers have never disclosed being promoted by the brand, or gifted. There's only so long behaviour like this can go on before people start to realise. This isn't a drama blog so I won't name names, instead, I wanna talk about the new regulations and weigh them up a little. 

Most people are happy and fine with the rules, there was an uproar at first but I think once it fizzled down and people read them it started to make a bit more sense. Most of the regulations are the same as what they were previously. The main one is that anything received whether it is gifted or loaned has to be received. This stops influencers lying about anything they receive, and realistically it's a pretty fair regulation. I never understood why influencers didn't previously disclose this. 

The next regulation demands influencers clearly state when they have been paid, or asked to promote a product. Whether they have just received the product or got a discount code this must be disclosed in any promotional posts. Again, something else that should just be common sense but there's a long list of posts that deeply embedded almost at the end, you know the part where people stop reading to disclose that it's an ad. Sometimes you don't even need to see that hashtag or paid promotion post at the top to know it's a promotional post. But for clarity, it's essential to disclose it in the post, ideally towards the beginning of the post. 

The final one, which is the one that's caused the most uproar focuses on the relationship with brands. If you have worked with a brand within the past year, this has to be disclosed if you work with them again or purchase something. For example, when I received some products from Anatomicals, this has to be disclosed as being gifted and then when I purchased a few of their masks, I would then have to disclose if I decided to then post something about these. I'd have to mention I have previously worked with them. I'm 50/50 on this, I don't think it is anything bad if anything I think it shows commitment really with the brand, as opposed to promoting a product because you got paid and then never working or mentioning that brand again. I think it helps to show a bit more honesty with influencers and brands. 

I think in all, the rules are fairly reasonable. I understand in some cases it can be difficult, I know a few influencers who have their own products that now have to disclose this as a paid promotion. I know the regulations aren't exactly perfect just right now, but it's a good guideline and makes it quite clear for influencers to follow. 

Let me know down below your opinion on this, it's nice to have a bit of regulation when influencers work so independently. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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