Ever Wanted To Track Your Sleep

The title is as weird as this post is going to be, yep you read that right I wanted to track my sleep and after 5 minutes of scrolling free apps in the app store I found one and spent the next week tracking my sleep. There's a bit of rationale for this further down this wormhole of a post, but first can I just say that not enough people understand the importance of sleep. From sleep hygiene, to your rhythms of sleep and when it's best to sleep. There's a whole sector full of stuff all about sleep, ironically once you start reading into it you actually become very awake, wee bit ironic there. 

So basically I don't sleep great, I have on and off weeks where I sleep through great but there's a lot of times and especially a LOT of the time at the moment where am averaging on and off sleep of about 5 hours. It's a mix of wake up at random points of the night and feeling like I need another 12 hours. To waking up feeling like am refreshed and ready for the day after 2 hours sleep. At the moment it's quite stressful and my mood isn't great so I knew that would factor in, but the psychology mind in me wanted to see if there was any patterns in my sleep. 

So I decided to use an app called pillow, nope this isn't sponsored or anything before you all roll your eyes and click off. I purely wanted to track my sleep and this seemed like the best fit, I decided to give it a week and see how I went on tracking my sleep. The app allows you to track your sleep and add alarms, the great part is as you're setting your alarm you can see how many hours you'd be getting. 

Once you've set your alarm you are ready to go, I left my phone on my bed under my pillow and fell asleep. The first night I actually slept great, but the graph showed me around 4-6 am I tend to stir and am awake at this point. Which is for years the one time of night where I consistently wake up, no matter where I am. You'd think after so long of waking up at like 4 or 5am I would be used to it however it just makes me feel worse everytime. After the next couple of days the same pattern formed, regardless of whether I went to bed late or night. 

The app also records noises, now I haven't paid for premium so I can't access this. I also don't know how I'd feel about accessing this, as far as am aware I don't snore but it would be interesting to see what these noises are. But it does terrify me a lot, there was a similar pattern again where I would make the most noise around 3am, whether this was me or my flatmates is another story. I also am a massive mover when am asleep, I have to sleep curled up on my left side and by the end of the night am in a complete different space. Even at some point of the night I end up towards the other end of my bed, bit weird I know. 

After a week of using the app I noticed that I'm mainly awake around 4-5am no matter what time I sleep. This wasn't a groundbreaking result for me but it did make me realise that it happens everynight and not just every now and then. After a bit of searching, it could be a range of things from blood sugar levels to even levels of anxiety and depression, 

Although I didn't get any ground breaking results, I did realise it might be down to a few reasons and it gives me a little more hope that I might get to the bottom of why. If you have a similar thing let me know down below, it'd be great to know if other people experience this. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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