How To Make That Thrift Shop Trip Fit Your Wardrobe

If you gave my previous post a read, you'll know I want to stop buying into fast fashion. I'm putting myself on a ban and only buying clothes I really need. Which isn't really that often, when I have wanted to get something am making sure I check out thrift and charity shops first. I remember when I first started looking around charity and thrift shops, I always would struggle to imagine them in my wardrobe. I often bought stuff thinking it would work but it'd end up stuck in the wardrobe until I had the time to go and donate it to another charity shop. So to combat this vicious cycle, I did a few little preparation bits so that the next time I walk into a shop I know if it will fit in with my regular wardrobe. 

The first thing I did was actually look at my wardrobe, sounds daft but you don't realise what you have until it's right there in front of you. Whether it's on a hanger or in the bottom of the wardrobe scrunched up in the corner. By doing this, I got to not only refresh my mind on what I already have. But I also got to see what I actually need, as I found myself buying things for the sake of it and never wearing because I owned too many already. 

I then went into the shops with a strategic plan, well actually that's a complete lie I never go in with a plan and that's actually the better way to do it. I think if you go in expecting to leave with some great designer goods that don't need any re-work you might as well not bother. I have found some great bargains when I've really looked, I found a YSL jumper for £30 in a charity shop once in the Northern Quarter 5 years ago and it's one of my favourite jumpers still to this day. But you will always come across a real range of stuff, whether it's good or bad. 

You have to think when you're looking through the rails, can I make something of this. If you're struggling to see how it will work put it back and carry on looking. Unless it screams out to you straight away or you get the project runway seamstress vibes, you're not gonna wear it and it'll end up at another charity shop. So make sure you get some wear out of it! 

For me, my limits reach sewing or styling it differently. I can sew something and fix buttons but creating it into something completely different just isn't for me. When I look around the main things I check out are jumpers, shirts, and jackets. They're the easiest things to style and wear differently, am getting back into my tucked in oversized shirts and after some great finds the other day this is coming back into reality. 

You also have to understand that it's just not meant to happen every time, you don't walk into Topshop each week and fall in love with everything. Some weeks there might be lots of stuff you love, I normally ask when the new stock comes in so you get the first dibs on it all. Then you have a bit more of a chance of finding something. More often than not, if you have a little optimism and take a bit of time going through the rails you can really find something. 

When you find a proper good bargain it's such a good feeling, I'm making more of an effort to check out charity shops to see what they start to get in. If you're after your designer goods, check out Oxfam's online shop. They have a range of designer goods on there at pretty decent prices!

Let me know down below some of your best charity shop finds 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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