Period Pains Got You Down?

It's the time of the month nobody really enjoys, it's cramp city and the cravings and mood swings really get to you. I never used to have bad periods, I normally had 3 days of bliss and life was all happy go lucky. But 2018 called and decided it would be the year I get horrible cramps, backache and some of the worst mood swings I've ever experienced. I never really used anything before, but after all this hit I felt a need to reach for anything that could help. Some of these things I mention are groundbreaking, so sit tight grab a drink and let's go through what's helped reduce my period pains. 

First off, a bit of a weird one but finding the period products that make you feel comfy is a big one. I remember when I was younger, I really struggled to understand what the best period products were. I've always been scared of using tampons, the idea of something being stuck in me and just staying there for hours really puts me into a panic. I always thought of it as like using a plug for a bath, bit of a weird combo to me. I'm a pad girl, always have always will. I've tried a few different brands and no pad brand is the same, controversially I'm not a fan of Always. I always find them uncomfy and I don't know how to word it but I can fully feel that the pad is there whenever I use them. I'm more of a bodyform girl, they're a lot cheaper and they have more of a natural feel to them. Bodyform have helped to promote the normalisation of periods on the media as well which is a movement I'll always get behind. 

Next up is the essentials, for me a hot bath and some nice shower gel really does it. Truth be told I'm that one person that loves the Original Source Mint shower gel. It's nothing but tingles if put in the more sensitive areas but there's something about this shower gel that I just can't move away from. I normally have a hot bath and squeeze some of this into it. It's great to just lie in and helps to relieve back pain! Another thing if the back pain is becoming unbearable throughout the day is Tiger Balm, the scent is quite strong so definitely put this on before you leave the house but it really helps to relieve pain and just sooth your back a bit. 

Or if you prefer to use a patch or something that will stay all day, the Be You Period Cramp Patches really do work wonders. It's £6.99 for a pack of 5 and you will not be disappointed by them, incorporating eucalyptus and menthol this really works to sooth your period. It can be applied to your back or across your stomach. They last for a fair amount of hours. I wouldn't advise wearing it whilst working out but it is handy to put on between everything else in the day. The better part as well is that you don't have to panic about having to reorder them every month. They have a handy service where they can send out a pack every month on a day that you get to decide! So if you're unorganised like me you can schedule to get them a few days before your period, this works out cheaper at £4.99 a month for your natural soothing packs. 

I think it's good to care for yourself as well, I normally indulge in self-care and skincare as my skin really goes through hell during my period. I was finally introduced to the Don't Look At Me face mask and honestly I've never been happier. It works great to clean up my skin and exfoliate it. Also with it being a fresh face that has to stay cool in the fridge, it's an added treat as having something cool on your face really helps to distract you from all the pain down there. 

The final thing is comfy clothes, I can't be walking round in tight-fitting uncomfy clothes. The thong comes off and the granny pants come on, the higher waist and more movement make me feel so much better when am on. The usual "pray to god it pushes my boobs up a bit" bra comes off and greats replaced for bralettes and sports bra allowing me to be as comfy as can be. 

These little changes make a huge difference to my period more than I could ever imagine, it's great to stock up on comfort food as well! Let me know what other things you do to relieve your period pain 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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