What Have You Done This Year? Let's Have A Chat

It feels a bit weird to sit down mid February and start talking about my goals for the year, realistically I've been planning all this since December. But instead of the typical new year new resolution posts, I wanted to actually put my resolutions to the test and see if I've actually been ticking them off two months into the year. I decided to create a load of different goals, and it's been quite eye opening to see how many I've been even close to doing.

My wellbeing was at the top of the list, I really wanted to make sure I took care of myself and you know what. I'm actually doing pretty good at it, I've had a lot of slip ups and at the moment I'm not in the best place, but I've been taking out more time for me and allowing myself to relax more when I can. This resolution will be put to the test later on, when deadlines get closer and it all becomes more intense. But so far am doing good, and am getting better at managing my wellbeing.

Stay off social media more, bit of a weird one considering this blog and everything around it focuses on social media. But I found myself constantly checking Instagram and Twitter and it became quite hard to just stay off it and enjoy my life without it. It sounds sat admitting that, but since this resolution I'm not on social media as much, when I am I'm more 'productive' yeahhh the endless scrolling still happens but I take more time out to stay off social media. I've got into reading more and I've loved being able to take time out from everything.

Blog wise, I wanted to get more outfit shots and create more authentic posts. I'm so happy I opened up about being a lonely person. It wasn't an easy post to write, but there was such an overwhelming response from people and it was great to know other people felt the same. I have also started writing some new posts for a little series I want to do. I want to focus more on certain topics and explore them in more detail, my goal at the moment is to focus on more general topics. The new series is going to talk about budgeting, food shop hacks, and little guides to help people out.

One of my main resolutions was to cut down on my spending, the takeaways gotta be reduced and in terms of makeup and fashion. I refuse to buy so much stuff to fit the trends, yeah it's great to have all the stuff everyone else does. It also gets wasted and doesn't get enough wear before the next trend comes in. I'm only focusing on pieces i'd definitely wear often or items that are sustainable and cruelty free. So far, am doing pretty good at it and i'd love to do a post on this.

I'm tempted to do a few more "challenge" posts, I've seen a few people go on spending bans and I'd love to try something like this. I also would love to have more sit down chatty style posts. I've been getting into podcasts and it's made me want to have more of a chat style to these posts.

Let me know what you think about all this, and how have your resolutions been going?

Until next time, Chloe!

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