Let's Layer With Some Accessories for Under £10

Accessories have grown on me more and more, I remember being a real hater of them. Not in a nasty way, I think it was more of a panic that I didn't know how to work them into what I wear without them clashing and the whole outfit looking like a mix match of stuff. And to some extent I feel like my outfits can be a mix match of things but there's some organisation to it and that's all that matters. I feel like accessories aren't scary once you break down and get an idea for what you like. I found that it's taken me a bit of time to include extras in, but if you just wanna stick with the basics am here to show you how to stay basic and step out of the comfort zone when you are ready. 

For me the jewellery is the best part of the accessory, I've always been a bit apprehensive about having a load of rings and piercings and necklaces and here I am with 4 rings, 10 piercings, and 2 necklaces I wear on a daily basis. So accessorising isn't something I'm necessarily shy with. I do think you have to start small and work your way up, I started with funky earrings to where I'm at now. For now I want to focus on earrings, if you wanna know about the best places to satisfy your ring and necklace needs let me know down below! 

Let's talk earrings, whether you're a piercing fanatic or you like to dabble in a few extra pairs every now and then there's a range of things you can try. For me I went into the deep end with earrings and went for some real over the top ones and if you want to follow my lead these ones from ASOS are cute and great for the Summer the hear detail will work with any outfit and who doesn't love a good pop of red and best part is they're only £6! Alongside those lovely hearts I've added some others below to feast your eyes on!

Only £6 from ASOS what a dream! 

If you're more of a hoop lover and you're starting out with some hoops Monki do a great 3 pack deal, with three different sizes these will help you play around with your hoop game and find which style suits you again another bargain at just £6 for the pack of 3. They're a great way to get you into accessories nice and easy. Or if you wanna up the hoop game you've got another option here as well 

Monki and only £6 bargain! 

If you're more of a stud piercing and the idea of anything like a hoop scares you then don't worry! I'm here for all the stud lovers out there, and I think studs are a great place to start. They're easy to put in and they don't have that heavy feeling after a long day, especially if you have several piercings which can become quite costly to maintain and replace, having studs helps to make everything cheaper and let's you step out of the comfort zone. 

Accessorize £8   

If it wasn't obvious already ASOS and Monki do really kill the game for accessories, New Look is another good place to try out as well and I have got some great accessories from them in the sale before for such a good price so definitely give them a looking. I'd love to do more of these and break it down into necklaces and rings, if anyone would like to see this whether it's in a blog post or even on social media let me know! 

Until next time, Chloe!