Birchbox 3 Months On

Subscription boxes are a weird niche, they're a nice little pick me up each month tailored to you. For me, I've always wanted to try these and for the past three months, I've been subscribed to Birchbox. Each month I've received a bunch of products and I've given my verdict on them. I thought I would review the whole service after three months of purchasing and share my loves from the boxes and the ones you could definitely miss out on. 

The boxes overall have been good, there hasn't been any in which I haven't been disappointed. The service offers boxes tailored to you, after filling out a quick questionnaire it helps to tailor the products to you. What I've found throughout the boxes is it's normally 1 or 2 products that you will receive that might be different to what other people receive. This means there isn't that much personalisation around the box and what you get. 

However, I feel like the products in there, for the most part, are tailore…

Podcasts, What they all about

Podcasts were all the rave a while back, it seemed like everyone had a podcast and that's all anyone listened to. At first I didn't give into the hype, but recently I've been taking more steps to do more and get out more and I've found a love for podcasts. This will sound weird but I love conversations and hearing people discuss topics, and with a podcast you can stick it on and go about your day doing whatever. I really appreciate what you can get from a podcast, whether that's learning something new or just having something in the background. I have a few podcasts i religiously listen to and I thought I'd give you a glimpse into them. 

I think if I was ever to do a podcast, I'd want to cover a range of topics. I'd want there to be a focus but i also like the idea of a free flowing conversation, for me it would have to be related to beauty and fashion but also have a lifestyle aspect to it. From discussing conspiracy theories to current news, I'd want it to be something people can tune in and out of and still get a gist of what we're talking about. 

The podcasts i listen to all focus on different things, the top one on my list is the Keeping it Candid podacst. The podcast is a fortnightly podcast, discussing current events, pop culture and anything else. Hosted by Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton the podcasts cover a range of topics, I've followed Sophie Milner for a while so I was so excited to stumble upon this podcast, some of my favourite episodes have to be the most recent podcast discussing Therapy, whether that's NHS therapy or private therapy, the Power of Periods and the Let's talk about sex baby!. Each episode focuses on a number of topics and it's the kinda podcast you want to interact and join in with. On a few occasions they have done a live version of the podcast and I hope one day to be able to go to it! 

Next up focusing more on that beauty chat is the Breaking Beauty Media podcast. Two longtime magazine editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins talk about all the new beauty launches hitting the shelves, they focus on a range of topics such as a Zero Waste Guide to Beauty, any new releases as well as interviews with some of the top people in the Beauty Industry from Anastasia Soare to Jules Von Hep and even the skincare guru for me Caroline Hirons. If you're into your beauty and you want to know more about the origins of it all then you need to get listening to this podcast, there's a new podcast each week so get listening! 

On a bit of a different note, I recently spent probably too much time rewatching all of queer eye. Although it may not have been the best use of my time it did make me realise my love for Jonathan Van Ness and so the Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness podcast had to get into my library. There's a new episode each week where he interviews different people from all different topics. From vaccinations to Tan from Queer Eye to even learning how to love yourself with Jameela Jamil. Each podcast has me engaged and they range from 30 minutes plus so if you don't have all the time in the morning to listen then you can catch up with it later. For me I normally put them on when am commuting or when I've got some work to do on my laptop. 

If you're more into music then the George Ezra and Friends podcast is for you, sometimes it's just nice to hear George Ezra talk for half an hour but when there's a special guest involved it makes it all the more better. From Elton John to Olly Alexander to even Lily Allen. It's a great podcast with a different feature each time, if your a lover of autobiographies then this is the kinda podcast that suits your vibe for that. It's great to get an insight into them and see a bit of the person and the an insight into their music. 

There's a real range of podcasts you can get into, for me I love getting a mix in my library so that I can really listen to a mix of stuff. If you're a podcast lover let me know about your faves down below.

Until next time, Chloe! 

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