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I did a blog post on this a while back but I think style is a really big thing when it comes to fashion. I mean I guess that's obvious, brands and fashion designers work off styles and trends and as individuals whether you admit it or not everyone has their own style. I've never wanted to truly define my style, and at first, I think it was to stand out as this rebellious person who doesn't stick to a label and all that jazz. But now that I look back at that post and I think that you know what I think am still right in what I said, but since writing that post I've learnt a bit more about style. I do have a style but it's not a pigeon holed niche, it's more of a spectrum. 

I think with style it can be about components, as opposed to being one word to summarise it. If I did have to summarise it in one word it'd be eclectic, I take inspiration from so much. Whether that's my mood, music, season, colours you name it. I think the main inspiration for me is my mood, I have a lot of loud pieces and when am not feeling my great or when am feeling on cloud 9 those prints help me explain that. What you're wearing makes up someone's first impression of you and I always want my outfits to give off an impression, even if that's gym leggings and a hoodie. 

This wrangler tee was such a good bargain £4 from a sample sale 

Over time, I've found myself becoming more conscious of what am wearing. It used to feel like a chore at first but now I really enjoy taking a couple of minutes in the morning to decide what am gonna wear and working my outfit out. And matching it with some accessories and feeling happy in what am wearing, god I sound like Tan off Queer Eye when I say this. But I really get a bit of joy out of what am wearing. 

But at times like most people, I find myself in a rut, where I like to wear a lot of pieces and I wouldn't say that's ever a bad thing because having been one of those people I know that sometimes it's good to have those comforts as a go to. Every now and then I like to mix up what I've got and that doesn't mean buy a new complete outfit but more so look at what am wearing with what and switch it up. If I've been pairing that pair of culottes with a simple top then what does it look like with a statement tee and a fancy belt. I think a lot of the time we get too comfortable with clothes and we get bored, a bit like food. As much as we love the food there becomes a point where you get bored or eating the same thing and you want a change. 

And I feel like my style goes through that, sometimes am all about the skirts and then in the next breath, I want everything flared. I swap from clashes of prints to toned down looks where the accessories speak for themselves. It's all dependent on my mood and I kinda love that. Am looking in my current and new job that I have free reign to some extent as to what I can wear. I love planning what am gonna wear and the impact it might make. 

Everyone has their own niche and what they like, for me I love a good statement tee and some fancy pants. Am also an earring lover and that's where I feel comfortable with, I've learnt how I like my t-shirts and what kinda pantsuits me and then boom am good to go. But that doesn't mean I might not want to scrap it all and go plain and simple like I said I take inspiration from a range of things. 

Zebra print culottes are a m u s t 

To elevate my style I was to focus on clashes of prints, I've dabbled a few times with mixing my prints and I think am slowly getting there. I love mixing colours and I think prints are the next step for me. 

If you had to define your style what 3 components describe your style? Let me know in the comments and also on Insta!

Until next time, Chloe!

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