Are We Really Getting All Eco-Friendly?

Climate change is real before you start to roll your eyes and go off this post. From the work of Extinction Rebellion and other protest groups, the message for change is getting louder. To the point where roads are being blocked and we have no choice but to accept what we're doing to the planet, however, haven't we always been aware of it?. In primary school 'reuse, reduce, recycle' was practically tattooed into our heads.

But some people might not realise how quickly this will affect us, but let's remember that we aren't meant to be having heatwaves at the moment. Oh yeah, it might be great to have a nice pink gin and lemonade outside with the girls and get your snapchat and insta loaded with photos but we also get the downside where we have woodland fires in the UK. Let me remind you all the UK is meant to piss it down not have fires and blazing heat you aren't in Benidorm.

But what are companies doing to make a change? You've probably seen that Mcdonalds has caused chaos recently through introducing paper straws, which are not the best option but they are a small way to make a change. Although Linda from down the road might not agree and angrily share the daft petition from Facebook asking McDonald's to bring back plastic straws, what a lot of people fail to realise is that a straw whether it's plastic or paper is such a small change yet it can somehow mean the world to some people.

In another attempt to make a big change to the growing environmental issues, ASOS have tried to make sure you stay a loyal customer and appreciate their recyclable packaging. The sustainability team have worked to make sure ASOS packaging is recyclable and that all that unnecessary packaging is reduced. And for the fast fashion industry that is a massive step and it's great that ASOS have done that and hopefully, it should encourage other companies to do the same.

However, ASOS like other online brands live off fast fashion, and even if that top is made out of all these recyclable materials and it's sustainable and all that good stuff, people will buy into it more and waste clothes. Realistically everyone has given into the two-minute trends and bought stuff they've never used.  But places like ASOS, Pretty Little Thing and the rest of them all live off trends and us as consumers buying every little bit. Until our wardrobes are filled to the brim with out of trend clothes that we won't use and get wasted. Some of your favourite online shops might be leading the way to a better environment but is it all really that eco-friendly?

Even beauty brands have taken a step in the right direction, but always not everyone is following along. Brands such as Lush and MAC are some of the few that offer a recyclable scheme, where if you take in a certain number of used items (pots or lipsticks) you get a free item in return. This is a great initiative and it motivates people to stay with the brand and do a good thing for the environment. And for someone like myself who goes through bottles and packaging quite quickly, there aren't many ways to recycle these. A solution brands could offer refillable services for a fee, there are several perfume brands that offer refillable bottles and surely if you were able to get your favourite toner or shampoo topped up without having to think about buying another bottle surely this would be better for everyone? Or am I talking about an unrealistic dream here?

As to why companies haven't done this then who knows, as a society, we're definitely getting better and we are more aware and actually taking action. But there's more that can be done, from swapping out your plastic straws to reducing the number of wipes we use (Don't get me started on wipes). It's very small changes when you break it down if you have meat quite regularly make it a mission to have 2-3 meals in the week where there is no meat or maybe have a day where you have no dairy. People do this a lot of the time anyway but I think once you make it apparent that there needs to be a change in their behaviour, everyone suddenly panics.

On a final note, I don't want this to come across like I am a perfectionist with this. I still slip up and I think it's good to remember that the changes needed to help the planet will take longer for some than others. But I am making changes each day to ensure my way of life is better for the environment where I can. If anyone would be interested in how I try to stay environmentally friendly with my makeup and skincare let me know! I think the beauty industry does not take the planet into account enough. 

I guess the take-home message for this is that we're understanding the issues with the environment but the actions we're taking aren't big enough and still have underlying problems. But if we at least have a positive outlook on the ways we can make a change then the Earth should be in a bit of a better state at least.

Until next time, Chloe! 

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