A Quick Rundown On Drugstore Liners

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If multiple deadlines, lack of sleep and less time in the morning taught me anything. It's that I can do a bit of eyeliner and bronzer and leave my flat feeling like I've made an effort. But the thing is eyeliners aren't always gonna work out for ya, from disappearing through the day from getting smudged in the rain. They're a bit like some relationships, they just don't work out. I've had my fair share of bad eyeliners so I thought I'd showcase the best and the worst for your money, all from the drugstore of course. 

Let's talk about the bad ones, these are the ones you just shouldn't bother with if you wanna be smart with your money. The one issue I have with liquid eyeliners is that they just dry so quickly, and that sharp black line starts to fade it and becomes a bit of colouring in to get a good colour on your lids. And for me the NYX Epic Ink Liner, there was something about this that just didn't seem to work for me. The tip always felt very soft, and when you're trying to get a sharp line you gotta have a stiff tip (The only time you need a stiff tip in life) and for me it just dried out very quickly when I really wanted it to last. 

Another one that's going in the bad books is the Revolution The Liner Revolution, I expected this to be so good as i've never really had a bad product from Revolution recently. But this just didn't work out great for me, I found that it was quite hard to get a precise line and it really took some dragging to get it how I wanted. I don't know how to describe it, but using this made me feel like I'd never applied eyeliner before, I've heard that it works great for some people but I just don't think I'm cut out for this one. 

Lastly for the bad bunch was the CYO Just Wing It Liner, now I expected this to be fairly okay as there was a lot of hype around CYO when they first launched. I saw countless numbers of influencers promoting the product so I thought they'd be pretty good, I picked up a few things from them and none of it seemed to work out for me. The liner was just really dry and I ended up having to spend a long time to get a wing that looked passible, then the bloody wing didn't stay on for long before it had already disappeared. I tried setting it a few times to see if that would hold it but it barely stayed and a good liner should be able to stay on in at least a good condition for about 4 hours minimum. 

But onto bigger and better things, I thought i'd showcase three eyeliners that work an absolute dream for me. I will be including affiliate links for these but feel free to purchase them separately, I've left the full decsiription of the products so they are easy to find. The first one which is probably my most loved eyeliner and won't come as much of a surprise to anyone is the Soap and Glory Supercat liner £6.50 it's an absolute bargain for £6.50 I can't recall how many years I have used this for but it was one of the liners that I first started using and I haven't looked back since. They do a slim and fatter version of it to make sure you get the wing you want, it doesn't dry quickly and lasts all day and night for me. I like to try other liners from time to time but this has always been a back up for me. 

Another ride or die liner is the Bourjois Slim Liner £6.99, this comes in a close second to the soap and glory one. Another bargain again but I find this one to be better when you want a bit of a finer wing, it seems to get that point out a bit better and if you're starting out with makeup I would definitely pick this up as a starter eyeliner. This is my current go to because it doesn't dry out for absolute ages, I had my last one for over 3 months and the colour and lasting power stayed consistent throughout. 

If you're on a budget and just wanna get a cheaper liner to start out with the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Liner £2.99  is a an absolute beauty. If you're after that 60's wing or just a more fuller wing in general then this is your go to. Due to the thick brush it does most of the work for you, and for such a bargain how could you not try it. They do a few other colours as well, the brown eyeliner I've heard is good for for concealing the your false lashes, and to make it all look a bit more natural. They do a few different colours so you can really go all out with it. 

And there we have it, when it comes to liners I'd rather keep it drugstore as there's so many hidden gems in the drugstore once you start having a proper look. Let me know of any other liners you're using from the drugstore I'm always up for trying some others out! 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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