Summer Makeup But Not Sweaty Makeup

We're getting the sun back and I can't wait to have a bit of chill-out and enjoy some sun. The weather always brings out my inspiration for clothes and makeup, but with the warm weather comes a lot of sweating that your makeup can't always handle. Each year I try new ways to make sure my makeup stays on, and I think I've managed to crack the code. I love really going for a bit of bronzer and focusing on the eyes but that doesn't mean my base can't still look good. I thought I'd share some of my tips and products I've been using to tackle that summer heat. 

First up is prepping your face, for me I normally try to wash and moisturise my face first thing in the morning when it gets hot. Let that moisturiser properly soak in and apply your spf just as usual, I've been using the Mimitika face spf each morning from May's Birchbox and it's worked pretty well, then the trick I've found is using translucent powder and 'setting' my face before I apply any makeup as it helps to tackle any oil and really set the face. Then go in with the concealer and a lighter foundation. 

I switch back between foundation and concealer all the times, in the Summer I tend to stick to just concealer but use a medium coverage one like the Revolution Conceal and Define £7. It still adds a bit of cover to my face but doesn't leave you with that sticky feeling, I go straight in with the powder then just to set it and make sure that oil is left under control. 

Then go in with the bronzer, I'm soon to fully finish the Beauty Crop Bronzer £8. I got in the first Birchbox and I haven't stopped using it, it adds a good bit bronze to the skin without being too intense. I'm excited to re-purchase it and use it all summer long. The only downside to it is the size of the bronzer, you don't get much of it so I tend to hit pan pretty quickly with it, however, it's inexpensive and something I would happily repurchase it anyway. 

Now let's get to those eyes, Summer for me is when the oranges and yellows come out. It's all about having those pops of colour and they really draw the focus and make a real pop for the outfit. For my colour needs, I've been using the Soph Extra Spice Palette from Revolution that works great to get those orange and yellow tones. The one thing you can't forget is to have a bit of glow to it, I like to add a little bit of glow to the skin if the sun is shining everybody needs a bit of glow. I have been using the Soph Highlighter palette from Revolution using the marbelised gold shade to really get a good glow, you can't beat the glow and definitely not in Summer. 

The main thing to do is to make sure you've got your powder with you throughout the day when you start to get a little shiny. I normally don't tend to have to use it much if I've set my face earlier in the day but it's always good to have it as a backup. And they are my main tips and bits I've been using to make sure that makeup stays right. Let me know what you've been using to get that skin looking good all summer. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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