I Think It's Time For A Change

It’s been a weird couple of months, not just life-wise but blog-wise. I felt for a while, well probably years that my blog wasn’t really going anywhere. It wouldn’t hit the niche that I wanted it to. And I could never really understand why I like a spur of the moment and something that comes when it comes. But with that comes the risk that people won’t check out your blog for a while until they find something they’re interested in, in which most likely they don’t follow your blog anymore. It’s been difficult for me to really focus on the blog because for a while I was scared to talk about it and it was almost something that I wanted to be private, but the older I get the more I realise to not give a flying fuck. There are worse things in the world than somebody typing up their trip and for me, it was realising that which made me feel more comfortable with my blog. 

So with all that in mind, I want to re-design the blog, but entirely. I mean changing the design and the layout, having my social media easier to access and in general having everything be a lot smoother. With all that it means that I get to think about a structure, and a way to inform everyone reading this about what they can expect. I do my Sunday Sit Down on Instagram and I love doing it as it’s a weekly thing that updates everyone on my week, and seeing as we’re nosy people it’s a great thing to do. But I’d love people to have that with my blog, beyond the usual post schedule I don’t tend to really talk about or have a structure for my posts. I used to and I feel like my blog did so much better engagement wise, whereas now I feel like it’s the same people each time that read and it’s great to have that but I always want to engage with new people and grow my blog. 

I talked about how I want to get more involved in PR and I think once my blog has been re-designed this will be the way to go. I hope that it does make a difference and any feedback anyone has on it would be greatly appreciated. So I'm currently looking for a blog designer and then the new change will be on its way. 

If you've got any feedback for my blog currently let me know! I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible 

Until next time, Chloe!

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