Small Changes to Being Sustainable

I'm quite liking the theme of sustainability on the blog, it's a conversation I have only really immersed myself into in the past year. But, it's a conversation that's constantly developing and something in one way or another, we're all involved in. Whether it's taking your reusable coffee cup to a cafe, or choosing to eat less meat and dairy. Everyone is making a change in some areas and it's really refreshing to see, however, there are still parts where we seem hesitant to change. I've touched on these aspects before, and for some, they were areas that I have adapted to. I thought I would take this time on the blog, to talk about a few of the small changes I've made recently to be more sustainable.

First up is the straws, we all know how irritating the paper straws are from McDonalds' and Costa. They don't survive half the drink and ending up being an annoyance rather than a convenience, I wanted to make sure that I was doing my bit and reducing my use of paper and plastic straws so I invested in an 8 pack of metal straws. And my god, do I feel fancy they're so handy to have on me and in a situation like a bar where everyone orders the same drink and you're in a group and can't work out who's is who's. That metal straw works a treat, it's a handy thing to have with me and with the pouch and the cleaning brushes, it's an easy thing to have on hand. At times we don't embrace changes as it appears to deviate from our routine, but carrying 4 metal straws in a little bag in your bag doesn't really take much time away from life.

I've also invested in a water bottle, now I'm one of those people that buys a water bottle the minute they have a health kick, use it for a week and then never see it again. The issue I have with water bottles is that I love ice-cold water, it knocks me sick drinking lukewarm water so I decided to invest in a water bottle, I picked up this one from Wilko and for just £5 it's been an absolute bargain. It's lightweight to carry around and really does keep my drink cold all day long. It's handy to have in this heat as well so definitely grab one!

One of the last items I've picked up are reusable cotton pads, I've touched on these a few times but they really have been a lifesaver for me. I grabbed a pack of 20 and they're so easy to use, just keep track of how many you have left and throw them in a wash bag in with the rest of your washing. I highly recommend these and they're much easier to travel with than makeup wipes!

These are just a few of the changes I've made recently to be being more sustainable. I'm not 100% there yet but it's the little changes here and there that will get me to that final goal. What are you doing to become more sustainable?

Until next time, Chloe! 

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