Those Post Graduation Blues

The lead up to it was exciting but also nerve racking, as someone who was convinced they were an organised person. I didn’t expect myself to buy everything for my graduation the week before, so definitely make a list of everything you’ll need/want for graduation in advance.There was a lot of things I didn’t even consider, how many safety pins to bring, plasters/blister kit is an essential. To even other bits like mini fans and chewing gum, all of this was bought very last minute and stuffed into a clutch so definitely make yourself a list beforehand. The lead up was probably the most anxious part of it all. 

Outfit wise, it was difficult to get a good idea in my head of what I wanted to where, I love a good jumpsuit but I knew that I needed something that would be a bit cooler. And that’s the risk of Summer Graduation you are likely to melt to pieces, have your setting spray and translucent powder at the ready. I wanted to make sure I picked something that I would look back in way too many years and still be happy with, so I went for a sweetheart neckline bardot dress and I bloody loved it. I picked up from Boohoo for an absolute bargain and it’s the type of dress i’d want to wear over and over again. The only thing I would change is the shoes, I regret not going for comfy shoes so in the future comfort will be key, especially when you’re in them for over 12 hours. In an ideal world I would have worn bright white boots, but with the weather we had we all know boots wouldn’t have been the best. Accessories wise, I went to town here it was my one element where I felt like I could fully go for it, I wanted to really mix it up and decided it was time to break out the star earrings. They’re the kind of earrings you have to take a second look at and that was the kind of thing that drew me to them. Hair wise I actually had an accessory for them for one, I went for these pearl hair grips and they were a great little touch to my hair, especially with the heat and wearing a cap it really helped to keep my hair out of my face and keep me cool. 

Makeup wise, I didn’t really deviate to what I normally do, I wanted it to still feel natural and not just be some over the top version of how I normally do my makeup. Went to town with the bronzed warm tone eye and called it a look. Then I was in a taxi on the way and it went pretty quick after this point.  When I got there on the day it was this overall feeling of excitement. The degree is finally over and it really is a time to celebrate it, I felt there was this lull in between results and graduation where I felt it wasn’t fully over yet. But by the time graduation came I was so excited, the day goes quite fast. As someone who had an afternoon graduation I really made sure to allow myself time in the morning to get ready and just allow myself to be calm before heading there.

Once I had my cap and gown and all of that it was great to finally see my friends, I think this is probably one of the best parts of the day. This was a day to celebrate with my closest friends and to really celebrate the degree, regardless of the bumps in the road to get to the end it all felt worth it once I got that cap and gown on. The next part was very surreal, I cannot quite explain the feeling. Sitting in the hall, whilst all the parents come in all excited. The sound of cameras and people waiting to take their seats. The quick adjustment of caps and gowns, I got emotional when the initial speech began, and from there it all went very quickly.One of my favourite parts was having my name called, it’s a weird moment but walking up the stairs and heading down as a graduate was a weird experience. To leave the hall knowing that I did it and came out on the other side is such a weird experience. 

And then once I was out of the hall and could officially be called a graduate it was all a bit lack lustre from there, and you’re probably a bit confused by that but a lot of people feel the same. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it kind of symbolises how quickly University goes. And the rush and excitement of it fades after you’ve had a glass or two. The day was still great but I vouch for those who feel like the rest of the day is underwhelming, and the days after it feels like day to day life. I can’t wait to look back in a years time from my graduation and see everything that has happened. The job is currently going great and I’m so excited for everything that’s happening so far. 

If you’ve recently graduated, what was your experience like? 

Let me know! 

Until next time, Chloe!