Let's Get Your Ears Pierced Girl

You’ll often hear people say that their hair or their style defines them,  and initially it can sound like such a weird statement. But there really is something about us all that defines us, for me it’s probably my piercings. To me they’re a way to accessorise and define my style but they’re also memories of certain events and it’s just a nice memory to look back on. As a gal with 10 piercings, I’ve had my fair share of piercing stories, especially some cracking tips to stop them from getting infected and my best advice for getting them done. 

My first tip is to really have a think about what piercings you want and when, for me it worked better to move up the ear with my piercings. I always knew I wanted piercings going up my ear but it was a lot easier to start at the lobe, it not only helps you get used to piercings but generally lobes are a lot easier to look after. If it’s your first piercing then oh my am excited for you and please comment down below what piercing you’re getting! But listen to their aftercare advice seriously, in terms of the solution they explain you can either buy it from most piercing shops or you can pick up contact solution and it does the trick. I don’t recommend making the solution yourself, as it can be quite tricky to get the measurements right, as too much salt can cause an infection so leave it to the professionals. 

If you’re someone like myself who sleeps on either side and well intact moves all throughout the night on each side (please let me know if you do this!) then invest in a neck pillow. Not only is it comfy but it stops your newly pierced ears from getting infected or getting the awful pressure spots. It can be a godsend and plus if you’re a frequent traveller it’s got dual purpose. If you’ve just got multiple piercings at once it will really help them heal quickly altogether. 

Infections are another thing to be wary of, I know it’s tempted but what how much you fiddle with them. Depending on where the ear you’ve got pierced there will be a certain time to wait until you can change them or really move with them. If it’s time to change the jewellery but it hurts quite a lot or doesn’t feel right, head straight to a piercing shop and they can help you. I’ve had it a few times, especially when changing helix piercings but it’s better to be careful than to risk ruining your piercings. 

In terms of what piercings to get, don’t let anyone dictate that but yourself. One tip I would give her though is to really think of what piercings you want, obviously you can get them taken out but if you want them somewhere particular or a particular style then take this into consideration. For me pinterest was one of the best ways I ‘planned’ my piercing, there have been a few spontaneous ones but the placement of them has been planned out since day one. With any piercing make sure they are using fresh equipment and if it seems to good to be true or a bit sketchy then head somewhere else, harming your body isn’t worth the risk!

In terms of future piercings, I’d love to get an orbital or a snug because as much as I love my helix piercings I want something more fitted, I’d potentially get them on my other ear as this might sound stupid but one ear feels detailed and the other feels bare. I’d love to go up the lobe a bit more and get some very fine studs, there’s something about tiny studs amongst other piercings that I love. Sophie Milner and Jamie Genvieve give me serious piercing envy, so if you want some piercing inspiration check them ladies out. 

If you’re planning a piercing soon let me know what you’re going for, I’d also be intrigued as a separate topic to see if anyone has ever been mocked or been told off for their piercings. Piercings are a controversial one for the workplace and it’s so great to see this attitutude changing.  

Until next time, Chloe!