Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick : Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a lipstick that I picked up the other day in Superdrug , its the Collection 2000 volume sensation lipstick sensation in the shade satin bow (number 13) I really wanted to try and get quite a nude and dark pink  and this looked amazing so I tried it straight away when I got home. 

I think that the packaging is quite cute and is very girly and quote eye-catching it is currently priced at £2.99 in Superdrug , the color is quite bright but not too much which is definitely what I wanted , the application is quite smooth and glides onto the lips with no problems I think that its quite hydrating and doesn't make my lips feel dry which is something I found when I tried a Natural Collection lipstick (Review tomorrow!) 

It doesn't really last that long which is upsetting but I don't mind re-applying it . What is really good is how good it looks with lip glosses I am not really a lip gloss fan I only like them when my hairs up as I am forever messing about with my hair to stop it going in my lip gloss but it does look really nice with lip glosses

especially the Barry M lip gloss (Toffee) as it helps give that nude look. 

Overall I am impressed with this lipstick I like the packaging and just the product in general. 

P.s. I will be reviewing three things tomorrow and one thing each day (Monday - Friday) then about 2-3 things (Saturday -Sunday) this is because I don't really have the time to blog during the week with school and everything but I am trying.