MUA Pro Fixing Spray : Review

Hello everyone

Today I am going to be reviewing a product I was really intrigued to try this is Mua's pro fixing spray now this product is meant to help make makeup stay on for over 8 hours which I thought sounded amazing so I then went onto their website and read the reviews , everyone was saying how amazing it is and how good it is so I decided to try it. 

And well its not amazing , the application is annoying as for me didn't

spray out mist is just sprayed a lot at me so most of the time it would make my makeup run and would not help it stay on , then it would take forever to dry which was annoying especially if your in a rush and don't have time to apply primer.Also it doesn't help makeup stay on it just makes it look cakey and horrible. 

Overall I don't like this product I really do like MUA's products but this just lets it down. 

P.s I apologies that there was no review yesterday but I have posted one for today and for yesterday. 


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