Natural Collection Corrector Stick : Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing Natural Collection's Corrector Stick , this is a green stick that is meant to be blended onto the skin to help hide rosy cheeks and light red patches from acne. I decided to try this as I have terribly bad rosy cheeks and was desperate to see if something worked , so I tried this. 

The product is not good the application is hard because it is in a lipstick like form which makes it difficult to use I had to buy over three off these because they all kept on breaking , I would have preferred to they smoothed the top so that it would be easier to apply. 

Also it doesn't cover rosy cheeks or anything as its so hard to blend even if you apply a slight bit and try to blend it then you can still see the greenness through any makeup. 

Overall this product is not good as it doesn't cover or hide rosy cheeks and it has poor packaging.