Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara Review

Hello everyone

Today I will be reviewing Rimmel's retro glam mascara , this was actually the first mascara I have tried by Rimmel as I mostly stuck to Maybeline's great lash mascara but I was getting bored and wanted to try something new. I was instantly drawn to the product when I saw the advert and fell in love I loved the way it looked on the model and wanted to try it myself and experience the retro glam effect.

So , I decided to go out and get the product it was retailed for £6.99 in Superdrug , when I got home and opened it I found something it was all clumpy , I have had this trouble before with mascaras like one I got from Avon once but lookily I knew what to do ( when ever I applied it I would wipe some of it off with a  tissue and gradually the clumps went.)

The mascara is good it gives your lashes a lot of volume and makes them look beautiful I personally thing that to get them looking a 100% retro you need to use the eyeliner that they brought out with it (Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision eyeliner.)

Overall , I would definitely
 recommend this product to anyone but if you want to capture the full retro look then I suggest trying it with the eyeliner as well.


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