Technic Nail Polish : Review


Today I am going to be reviewing a nail polish by the brand Technic , this brand is quite cheap and can be found in shops like body care (link will be at the end) , they do a collection of things such as makeup sets etc. At Christmas one of my friends got me a few of their nail varnishes as I am attempting to get back to using nail polishes again , today I will be reviewing Damson.

The color is called Damson which is slightly weird , its quite a deep plum like color , I really do like the color and think its a perfect color for autumn however its not nice on , when applying I found it be very untidy and in some parts of my nails it looked amazing but yet in other parts it looks like I haven't applied it properly.

Overall I am not impressed with this product as It gives a really poor finish and doesn't last very long.Down below I have linked a website that sells most of Technic's other products :