Avon Eye shadow Palette : Review

 Hello everyone

Today I am going to be reviewing an eye shadow palette by Avon this palette came out near Christmas , the pictures show that this palette is a Nude one but most of these colors are quite glittery colors which I personally think that these colors wouldn't be used for an natural everyday look. But these colors are nice there is actually two non-shimmery like colors these are the brown and the beige next to it.

The colors are highly pigmented and look quite good on , sadly they don't last that long which isn't really surprising considering most eye shadows don't last long but these really do lose their look after an hour or two. 

Overall I definitely do recommend this palette it may not be the best palette in the world but its definitely a good starter palette and is at a fairly reasonable price of about £12 (sadly this palette is only available on Ebay as far as I know.) 

P.S I apologize that this is quite a short review and that I haven't been posting in a couple of days but I am going to be posting more tonight.