Best Spots in Manchester for a Good Old Drink

I'm surprised I've never really covered this before, but in the past year I've ventured out a bit and gone around town looking for the best places for a drink, from cocktails to ciders there's a range of places across Manchester that deserve a bit of a spotlight. I like a mixture of drinks and there's nothing worse than going to a new bar and choosing the same drink you have everywhere else, I like to try something different each time. So if you're looking for a new place to grab a drink take note of where am about to mention, from the Northern Quarter to Spinningfields. 

First up, is Jimmy's if you're into the more indie scene of Manchester this is a great place to check out. They have a great range of cocktails, great music that you can't miss and they house a lot of gigs around the year. Some of my best gigs from the past year have been at Jimmy's and it's somewhere you really can't miss. It's a bit different to the rest on the lis…

L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara Review

Hello everyone

 Do you want a mascara that volumizes your lashes and gives  that fanned-out effect. This mascara is the L'Oreal volume million lashes mascara. It comes in black ,extra black ,and black waterproof. It retails for £10.99 which is not a bad price considering it is an amazing mascara and here are the reasons why : 

This mascara doesn't clump which is a god send and the wand is quite a nice shape as it fits nicely onto the lashes so that you can do the full eye at once. 

Also you only require a couple of coats to reach that desired fanned-out effect which makes the eye looks beautiful. Also this doesn't flake after applying it an lasts for ages. 

Also it doesn't clog which is something I find in most mascaras . I think that the price is ok I would definitely pay more for this mascara because of how good it is. 

Overall I love this mascara and will probably continue to use it when I am not using my Rimmel scandeleyes retro glam mascara. I recommend this to anyone and hope those who try it love the mascara. 

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