So University Is Finally Over

I've waited for so long to write this post, three years ago I was halfway through my A-Levels and I was ready to start preparing for University. It feels weird now to say that it's all over, and I can relax for a month before starting my new job. When I finished my exam I expected to have this uplifting ecstatic feeling, and I did but I was also left with this weird feeling that it's all over and that's it. It's weird when you've spent so long writing your dissertation and preparing for exams for it to just all be done, everyone finishes at different times and it's just generally weird.

But it makes me more than excited to start my new job and not to get all soppy but start a new chapter, I have a lot of good and bad memories from University. I made friends for life and also experienced parts of life I never thought I would, I always used to cringe when people said that University helped them change as a person. But I do genuinely believe it does something, …

Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks Review

Hello everyone

Today I am going to be reviewing a personal favorite of mine at the moment by Soap and Glory it is their Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss stick , they come in 5 shades ranging from quite a dark brown like shade to a quite dark plum color they retail for £8 and can be bought in boots or from the soap and glory website. 

This product is just amazing , you can tell straight away that this product is glossy as possible as the shine of it is just amazing. They have quite a long lasting time which is pretty good considering the fact that the gloss actually never goes and remains consistent throughout the day I have topped it up about two times but that was a lot later on in the day. 

I find that the shade range is quite good the problem I find is that you cant test them before you buy as they come out of their packaging which I understand but it is quite annoying. I actually noticed that these are quite similar to the Barry M gelly lip crayons but theses have a better gloss effect and think that they look better. 

The only problem I find which is a personal thing is the shade range I find its good and appeals to people but I don't think I would ever wear half of them the only ones I would wear are the 'Bashfull or Fushia-ristic' as I find the other ones to just not be that amazing. 

Overall I am a fan of these and hope to be getting use out of the ones I liked I just hope that they add a few more shades to this collection to help me want to re purchase these. 

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