Colour Refresh With Schwarzkopf Live Colour

The whole red hair phase has lasted a very long time, I always dip between dark and brighter shades throughout the year. Now that it's getting a bit warmer and the weather is getting a bit better I thought I'd try and go a bit brighter and go for switch it up a bit. I'm quite particular with what products I use on my hair and especially when it comes to dye, I normally stick with what I know and love so for me I always feel really sceptical when I want to try something new.

But as a long lover of the Schwarzkopf Live Colour range, I really love the permanent dyes as someone who doesn't want to spend all their time dyeing their hair. It stays on for a good time and really makes an impact, but I wanted something to boost the colour in between dyes. I've bought all the colour boosting shampoos and masks and they work great but I always feel like after a while they lose their touch. So I decided to put my faith into the new Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Stay Bright Booste…

Very Late March Favorites

Hello everyone

Today I am going to be talking about the things that I have been loving throughout the month of March now I know its no longer March but I have been trying to pick out products that I have literally been loving throughout the month of March. 

One of the first things is the L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain lip gloss in the shade 'Romy' now I bought this after I bought my first one from Boots and have just been in love, the formulation is so good and is really moisturizing and lasts for quite a while. Link to my review :

I have also been loving a candle from Yankee Candle which is their 'Vanilla Lime' one as it just smells amazing and is quite a spring like scent. Also its not strong which is something I really hate in candles. 

I find that when its summer I don't really want to light candles as I am mostly outside so I try to get my 'candle fix' in the spring as its not really that warm to be outside. 

I have also been in love with 2 nail polishes from Rimmel (the Rita Ora collection) they're called 'Let's Get Nude' and 'Blindfold Me Blue' I find that both of these colors are so nice and look really appealing on the nails. 

I have also been loving a Bubble Bar that I picked up from Lush when I was passing I got 'Pop In The Bath' as it smells so amazing and is great in the bath. 

Lastly I have been loving a face mask from Montage Jeunesse its their Passion Peel Off Face Mask. Now this mask is meant to gently help get rid of dead skin which is does and does a lot more (I will be doing a review soon.) 

So these are the things that I have constantly been loving throughout March I hope that you who reads this tries the products mentioned. 

Links below to products mentioned :


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