Colour Refresh With Schwarzkopf Live Colour

The whole red hair phase has lasted a very long time, I always dip between dark and brighter shades throughout the year. Now that it's getting a bit warmer and the weather is getting a bit better I thought I'd try and go a bit brighter and go for switch it up a bit. I'm quite particular with what products I use on my hair and especially when it comes to dye, I normally stick with what I know and love so for me I always feel really sceptical when I want to try something new.

But as a long lover of the Schwarzkopf Live Colour range, I really love the permanent dyes as someone who doesn't want to spend all their time dyeing their hair. It stays on for a good time and really makes an impact, but I wanted something to boost the colour in between dyes. I've bought all the colour boosting shampoos and masks and they work great but I always feel like after a while they lose their touch. So I decided to put my faith into the new Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Stay Bright Booste…

Ysl Touche Éclat Foundation Review Update

Hello everyone

So today I have decided to come back to a product that when I first reviewed it I didn't really give it its justice and I just want to say how amazing this product is. I 
recently I purchased the ysl Touche Éclat Foundation from Debenhams and I love so I  have decided to share my views on the product .

"The light of Touche Éclat foundation targets shadowy areas and highlights the contours of the face. With no opaque powders, its perfecting texture evens the complexion and helps conceal your imperfections, while enhancing yourskin’s natural beauty. Illuminating foundation. Dimensional radiance. Weightless perfection." - Boots 

Pros : 

- It lasts up to about a year ( for £30 I won't argue )

- It has a nice design , looks expensive and classy 
- Easy to remove 
- Easy to blend in 
- Helps hide away redness of any spots and blemishes 

Cons :

- The pump is hard to control sometimes a lot comes out and sometimes hardly any can come out 

- Can give a ' dewy ' finish If applied wrong

The one thing I haven't mentioned is the lasting time I find this such a good product for lasting time because it just stays on for quite a while and just looks so nice throughout out the day and for £30 it is honestly not a bad price.

Also it hides blemishes so well I find that is mostly reduces redness but it is still quite good at hiding blemishes. I would still personally use a concealer but that's just me personally. 

Overall I really do love this product and think that it is quite good and maybe soon I will re purchase but for now I will stick to my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, but it is still quite good. 

Available from here :


  1. I tried this foundation quite a while ago and found it to be pretty good , do you recommend any other foundations ? that are from highsreet or drugstore ? :)

    1. I personally quite like the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation , so I will be reviewing it on Friday . I also like the Maybeline fit me but its one of them foundations not everyone likes :)


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