Week 4 - Diy Brush Cleaner!

Hello everyone

 First of all I would like to apologize for this being posted a day late as I am currently sitting my exams I am revising quite a lot so I will still be uploading once a week but they might not always be on a Friday.

Anyway so for this weeks part of my 'savings series' I decided I would mention a way of saving money on brush cleaners. Now I have tried various brush cleaners and found them to be so good but they come at a fairly expensive price. So I have now started using my own brush cleaner which I personally prefer as it is inexpensive. 

This Diy includes using shampoo , I preferably use the Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee shampoo as it gives such a nice smell on my brushes. Alternatively you could use baby shampoo as it works the same but I prefer to use normal shampoo. 

What you need to do : 

- Grab your brushes and start to soak them in water  ( in the pictures I am using the real techniques expert face brush ) as you want to try and get some of the 'gunk' out before you use the shampoo
- Make sure the bristles are wet as the shampoo wont work if your brush is dry
- Apply a tiny amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and swirl the shampoo around with the brush ( this helps get the gunk out)
- Keep on soaking the brush so that more gunk comes out
- Once you have used the shampoo in your palm keep on repeating this process until your brushes are as clean as you want them
- When you are done do not dry the brushes with a hairdryer as this ruins the bristles and takes out the shape of the brush , what I do is fold up some tissue and put my brush on the tissue and place it on my radiator and in a couple of hours the brushes should be dry. 

So this was my Diy brush cleaner , now I know not everyone will want to do this but I felt like it is a good process which saves you money. What is exciting is how much we have now saved as the average makeup cleaner is about £10 and this only cost me £1 (the shampoo retails for £1) that means that we have saved £9 today which if you take that off our total from last week (£65.20) our new balance this week is £56.20 which is amazing as that means in just four weeks we have managed to save £43.80 which is incredible and I am so happy we have saved so much so quickly. Next week I will be talking about a few of the best face masks that are only £0.99 so do check it out if you are interested. 


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