Week 1 - Best and Worst Lip care

Hello everyone

So today I am starting my new series which is the '8 Week Drugstore Challenge' this challenge involves me talking about 8 different things each week. I decided that each week I will be comparing 3/4 products and rating them from best to worst.

To start off I have decided to do lip care as it isn't really something I really talk about and there are a few products I really like to use for lip care. I have decided to include one product that could be considered as a drugstore product but some people may think that its a highstreet product but I personally class all the products I will mention today as Drugstore products.

Now its time for my best drugstore lip care products now these products are ones that I have loved for quite a long time and are not ones that I have liked for a week and decided to talk about. Firstly the one that is a really good bargain is the Superdrug Aloe Vera Lip Balm. I bought this quite a few months back as I had noticed that my lips weren't looking that great and I wanted to try something other than products that would use which would either be the Nivea Lip Butters or the Vaseline Lip Therapy's.

This product is just amazing I find that it really does help keep my lips moisturized and helps to avoid them from getting chapped. Also it doesn't leave that weird greasy feeling on my lips which I notice happens with some lip care products. Overall this product is just an amazing value for money.

Secondly I have honestly been loving the Palmers Cocoa Lip Butters now I actually got one at Christmas and I find that its the sort of thing that I would use more in the autumn/winter just as I find that its maybe a bit too much for spring and summer. However the product is really good and definitely works I find that whenever I apply this it seems to work almost instantly. 

Now this is my final product that I would consider to be one of the best which is the Eos Lipbalm in summer fruit. I have picked this one purely because it is summer. Firstly the smell , it reminds me of the Summer Scoop candle that Yankee Candle do which is honestly one of my favorite candles for the spring purely on the scent. The balm itself is really good I find that it really does moisturize my lips as well as giving a slight shine and tint on my lips which is nice and can be used in case you maybe forget your lip products and want a slight shine to your lips. 

Moving on to the lip care products that I like but I wouldn't rave about. So starting off is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate now I got this as there had been so much 'hype' over the baby lips range and I wanted to try for myself if the hype was worth it and honestly I feel like this one lets them down. The product is meant to hydrate your lips for up to 8 hours but for me its more like 8 minutes. My lips are never dry but every single time I would apply this within 10 minutes or so my lips would feel so dry that I would have to keep on re-applying it which I guess is a way for you to keep on using and possibly re-purchasing the product. It basically did the complete opposite to hydrating my lips. 

Finally we have a lip care product from Mua. Now I am currently trying to invest my time into Mua as I really want to try all their products and come up with my overall opinion on their products , at the moment I am really in between as they do some really good products but the rest are just lacking the standard the other products have. In particular the Mua Lip Polishes. Now I decided to pick up 'Vanilla' as the others just didn't appeal to me and honestly I wish I had tried the rest but this just stopped me completely. The smell is some generic and off putting and makes me not want to even open it and the product itself is just not good it seems to be quite sticky and just doesn't do anything other then add a very unpleasant shine on my lips. 

So overall I have been loving quite a few lip care products as you can see , next week I will be talking about the best and worst mascaras from the drugstore.

My Links : 


- Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate } http://www.superdrug.com/lip-make-up/maybelline-baby-lips-balm-hydrate/invt/706858&bklist=
- Mua Lip Polish in Vanilla } http://www.superdrug.com/lips/1d-lip-polish-pot-louis-loves-vanilla/invt/715858&bklist=
- Palmers Cocoa Butter } http://www.superdrug.com/hydrated-skin/palmers-lip-butter-dark-chocolate/invt/371297
- Eos Lipbalm in Summer Fruit } http://www.selfridges.com/en/Beauty/Categories/Shop-Skincare/Lip-treatments/Summer-Fruit-lip-balm_277-3002823-SF/
- Superdrug Lipbalm in Aloe Vera } http://www.superdrug.com/superdrug/superdrug-little-green-lip-tin-aloe-vera/invt/200834?source=179_75