Is the Missguided £1 Bikini A Real Bargain

If you're an avid fast fashion buyer or you like to stay in the loop, you would have seen that Missguided released a £1 bikini: a simple black triangle shape bikini ranging from sizes 4-24. The offer is for a limited time only; releasing 1000s onto the website each day. For some, this might sound like heaven. A cheap bikini perfect for Summer: a great staple. It even beats the prices of Primark and other brands promising cheap affordable clothing.

But how much of a bargain is this bikini for the consumer and the producers, when the bikini is only £1. This brings the question, how much is it really costing to make it? Are they really making a profit or are they shortchanging the suppliers and the workers behind that £1 bikini? When we break the bikini down it's all about polyester, which is largely unsustainable and harms the planet massively. So, if it's really worth that one photo of you on an inflatable in Greece then you do you, but for the rest of us, I think it's …

Week 8 - Best Drugstore Lipsticks!

Hello everyone

So this week is week 8 of my saving series and I have decided that I am going to be talking about my three favorite lipsticks that are nice and are a complete value for money. So over the past few months I have decided to be a bit more adventurous with my makeup I have decided to be wearing lipsticks (nudes mostly) and even wearing blusher every now and then. 

So a few months back I decided that I would spend around £8 on three lipsticks now I didn't know how it would work but I had high hopes that it would and it has. So I went into Superdrug and I was instantly drawn to the Rimmel stand. I had heard about the Kate Moss Lipstick collection a while back and I had really wanted to try one so I picked up one  in the shade 03 priced at £5.49. 

Then I decided to head over to the MUA counter and I instantly also fell in love with two lips that I picked up and ran over to the till with. Surprisingly I stuck to my budget and spent £7.59 on three lipsticks (bargain or what?)

Honestly it's the perfect nude for me it is slightly darker than my lips but I think it makes them better. Also I notice that the lipstick has a semi matte finish which I was pretty happy about as it really seems to make my lips look more fuller. It is also highly moisturizing , I notice a complete difference with this lipstick as normally I have to apply a lip balm a couple of times a day but when I wear this lipstick I only have to re-apply the lipstick when it goes a bit and I am fine.

The other two that I have got are from MUA now as I am still trying out the MUA products I decided that I would try to of their other lipsticks as I had tried one of them and found it to be pretty good. The first one I picked is a slight nude and is in fact very similar to the Rimmel one although this one is slightly darker. I find that the application is nice and it does make my lips feel moisturized which is something I was quite surprised at as my previous one was not moisturizing at all which was a shame. 

And now the final one also by MUA which has to be my personal favorite. It is quite a darkish purple like color and is quite a fall/winter shade but I love it the way it looks on my lips is really nice and I feel like it is such a nice shade as its not too dark or too light its just right which is something I really admired. Both of the lipsticks from MUA were £1 each!

So , that was my three best drugstore lipsticks I can honestly say with my hand on my heart I am very happy with these three colors and can see myself using these nearly all the time. 

Now its time to get to the savings. This week I managed to get three lipstick costing £7.59 altogether which would not have happened if I had gone to MAC or somewhere else. This week we have managed to save £37.41 I got this by taking £45 from £7.59 as £45 is how much three lipsticks of the similar shades would cost altogether and the £7.59 as that was the final price of the three lipsticks. 

This week our total is now £0.79 which is hard to believe as we have managed to save nearly £100 in 8 weeks. 

So next week I will be finishing this series with a finale in which I will be talking about one of the best primers that costs £5.99 and works amazing so stick around for the Finale!

P.s I will be doing a review on Sunday so check it out then !

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