Garnier Shine Control Moisturizer Review

Hello everyone

Today I am doing a review on a moisturizer that I have been currently loving for about a month or two. A while back I decided to get a new moisturizer as I was testing the Boots Hydrating Moisturizer which I do not recommend at all , and I came across this moisturizer.

I was instantly drawn in by the shine control as at times my skin can have a bit of a shine and can appear oily. I decided that I would give it a try for two weeks and decide about how I feel. I also decided to note how my skin felt and was before and after the moisturizer and I have noticed a clear difference.

First of all the shine control , for me this has worked fairly well the amount of shine I have has been reduced or 'controlled' if you want to call it that. I noticed this after about a week of using the product this then made me want to use it continuously.

The smell of the product is good it seems to have the same scent as all their other products. The texture is also good it isn't thick and after about a minute you don't feel it on your skin which was the one problem I had with the Boots Hydrating Moisturizer. 

It sinks in fairly quickly which I enjoyed as I normally use a moisturizer literally the minute before I go to bed. I also find that this is a perfect day and night moisturizer as it allows my skin to not have as much shine as well as moisturizing my face and helping my makeup sit on my skin better.

So the differences I have noticed since I have been using this moisturizer are that my skin is no longer dry it constantly looks hydrated and 'fresh'. Also the moisturizer has helped my redness and the balance in my skin as in some parts of my face it used to be very red but I have found that the redness has reduced slightly and is more balanced with the rest of my face. 

The price is the last thing I will mention but for a good reason it is a really reasonable price of around £3.99 some places have offers like Superdrug at £2.99  considering the product works so well the price is merely the cherry on top. 

Overall I am a huge fan of this product and I feel like this has become my favorite moisturizer so far from the drugstore. Here has been my review on the Garnier Shine Control Moisturizer which as you may have been able to tell I have loved and I will actually be doing another review in two weeks so check that out soon!

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