Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation - Review

Hello everyone 

As promised on Friday I said that I would be reviewing a product from Maybelline that I have currently been trying. So keeping with my promise today I bring you my review on the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation.

I noticed this around January time as I had been trying and testing different foundations because I wanted one that I really fell in love with (not literally that would be just slightly weird!) and after trying the Rimmel foundations I decided to carry on looking around. However I actually picked this up at the beginning of June after I had been using the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I was mostly intrigued by the claims 'Provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin' the claim is in fact massive and for a drugstore foundation I thought that this claim was too much. 

Turns out it kinda was. I bought this foundation in the shade Ivory and for me this was slightly lighter than my skin but I was okay when I used a bit of bronzer. What I have noticed is that the foundation comes out in a little 'clump' which I found quite weird as I had to sort of smooth it out on my hand for me to apply it the way I like to apply it. 

The foundation seems to last for about 5 hours which is pretty reasonable and can be increased if you use a setting spray or re-apply it throughout the day. However something that I did notice which apparently some other people have experienced especially people who wear the lighter shades is that near the end of the day the foundation starts to go slightly orange. Which I was slightly confused about but I guess in a way that might be a sign that needs to be washed off or something , I was really confused by this. 

Now the claims , I have decided to leave this last. The claims are pretty massive and are definitely the things that made me want to try this product. I tried this product for just about a month and not one day did I notice this '100% poreless look' I only noticed a different with the appearance of my pores when I applied the Benefit Porefessional under the foundation. This did disappoint me quite a lot as I was expecting it to at least reduce the appearance at least a little bit but sadly it didn't. In terms of coverage the coverage was very small I found that it seemed to make my spots more visible. Although it did help cover up my under eye area a bit but I personally prefer to use concealer for there (hence the name concealer.)

The price isn't bad I guess I know that not everyone who has tried this foundation has had the problems I have encountered but I feel that the price isn't high or low it's pretty average. And if the foundation works for you then I guess the price is amazing. However as I just didn't want to rave about this product paying £7.99 for something I didn't end up liking was a disappointment for me.

Overall I am not a fan of this foundation and from my personal experience with this foundation I feel like it is a foundation that most people will have a difference experience from whether it works for you and your skin or whether it just doesn't work like it did for me. 

So this has been my review of the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation , I hope you have enjoyed this and on Friday I will be posting Week 5 of my '8 Weeks of Drugstore' also next Wednesday I will be posting the Beauty Scenario Tag so check it out next week!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Shame that you didn't like it much. Was thinking about buying it but think I might give it a miss now....

    Pam @ pam stuff and things . blogspot. com

  2. Yeah I really thought that I was gonna enjoy it but sadly I didn't that is something I have noticed with Maybelline foundations I feel like its probably just my skin and how I like my foundations. But some people may like it sadly I didn't :)