Week 4 - Best and Worst Blushes

Hello everyone

This is week 4 out of my '8 Weeks of Drugstore' and it is weird to think we are half way through. This week I have decided to talk about the best and worst drugstore blushers. Personally I don't really wear blushes that often but whenever I do I like quite a nice subtle one that isn't in your face. I have tried various blushes out of the drugstore and have found some that I really like and some that as you may have been able to notice , I haven't liked at all. I will be talking about 5 blushes that I have tried and used from the drugstore. 

So as usual I will be starting this off by talking about the 3 blushes that I have found out of the 5 I have chosen that are the best. These three blushes are the Rimmel Mono Blushes , Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blushes , and the Sleek Blushes. 

Rimmel Mono Blushes (£3.99)- I have previously mentioned this blush in my makeup for beginners kit , and for me this blush is really good the shade range for me personally is good I personally like the Santa Rose 10 and the Pink Rose 20 just because they are quite subtle but yet noticeable colors that I find really compliment my skin. The lasting power of these blushes are quite good I find that they last for about 4-5 hours but they can be re-applied to last even longer. 

Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blushes (£7.99)- These blushes for me are amazing they are highly pigmented and the shade range for me is amazing I personally adore Rose tender and Healthy Glow just because they aren't too dark or too light for my skin. I also love the fact that they are compact just because it makes it easier for you to be able to put it in your clutch or makeup bag without taking up too much space. The lasting time for these blushes are around the same as the Rimmel blushes and can be re-applied to last longer. 

Sleek Blushes (£4.49)- I love these blushes they are highly pigmented and come in such nice shades which I absolutely adore especially Rose Gold and Suede. I find that they are quite a light blusher and if you want a lot of blush to be visible then I feel like it does have to be builded up. However for me they are fine I don't apply a lot of blusher to my face so they are good for me. The lasting time for these is about 3-4 hours slightly less than the Rimmel or Bourjois but they can built up and re-applied throughout the day to help them last longer. 

Now I am going to move onto the two blushes out of my 5 chosen that I personally do not like as much as the 3 I have mentioned previously. These two blushes are the Mua Blush Perfection and the NYC Cream to Powder Blush. 

Mua Blush Perfection (£2.00)- Now this was actually going to be part of my best blushes but after thinking about it I decided that I would have to categorize it as one of the blushes I did not like as much as the others. Now the product itself is good , it is fairly pigmented and lasts for about 3
hours which is okay. But the reason why I did not like it as much as the others is because of the shade range now I the shades are nice in packaging but on the skin they are all to similar and too close to each other which let this product down massively I would have liked the product more if the shades weren't as close and almost identical to one another. This is upsetting because I really did love the blush but the shade range has just let the product down so much. 

NYC Cream to Powder Blush (£2.99)- This blush for me was okay , it is a cream blusher which I don't mind but I personally prefer powder. The pigmentation is good and it does blend okay into the skin but what annoyed me was the fact that when the blush has sunk into the skin it looked
almost like powder which I didn't understand because of the fact that it is a cream blusher and it did not make any sense for a cream blusher to look like powder. 

So this has been Week 4 out of my '8 Weeks of Drugstore' I have really enjoyed writing about the 5 blushers I have mentioned above and really hope that this has helped people pick out the best blushers available in the Drugstore. Next week I will be talking about the best and worst Eyeliners so check that out next week. Also on Wednesday I will be doing an extra post in which I will be reviewing a foundation by Maybelline so check that out as well. 

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  1. Great post! I'm not a blush expert at all so it's very uself. Also, when I compare how much those products cost in France and how much they cost in the UK.. Why don't I live there? haha

  2. Haha that's exactly how I feel with like products over in America an products here in the Uk!