Face Masks - Why you should always use one

Hello everyone 

So as you may have noticed by the title this is a bit of a different post. A few post's back I mentioned that I would be posted more skincare related posts and I felt like this was the right time to post this.

So as summer is almost over and one thing that I have noticed throughout this summer is I have honestly not been good with my skincare. I haven't really done my normal full skincare routine, this has made me notice how my skin has 'suffered' so in a bid to help my skin get back to its normal self I have twice a week been using a face mask.

I have always been a lover of face masks I haven't tried many face masks as the minute I find one I like and one that works for me I immediately use it all the time. However the past few months I have started to try different face masks more recently and I have found some that are really doing wonders for my skin. 

Superdrug Exfoliating Facial Mask - I have mentioned this previously but I didn't feel like I have ever given it that much credit. This has been a mask that I have always gone back to. It always leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth which isn't necessarily something I would normally expect from a £1 face masks. This is a face mask I would definitely recommend using once a week every week as I find that this just helps keep on top of my skin. However you can use this a pamper thing or you can use a face mask once a month I just personally prefer to use a face mask at least once or sometimes 

Quick Fix Anti-Blemish Mud Mask - This is a face mask I have recently been trying. I had been using it twice a week and I have honestly noticed a difference in the amount of spots I have been getting. This also helps with oily skin something I have been dealing with recently. This mask has also helped reduce the oilness of my skin, with this product I would definitely recommend using this product once no more than twice a week. This is mainly to help keep on top of your skin as well as help remove any excess oil. 

One thing to make sure of is that you are getting the right face masks for the right things. You wouldn't want to buy a face mask that is meant to exfoliate the skin when you want it to cool your skin. So do make sure you pick up the right ones as not all face masks work the same way.

Another thing is that do be careful when applying a face mask - what I mean by this is apply it properly don't just get a massive bit of face mask and smear it over your face firstly take a small amount and work it around your face so at least your face is covered and then apply it evenly. With that being said do remember to not apply too much otherwise the mask won't fully work properly.

I will admit that this has been definitely been a different post but it is something I wanted to share and I realized that it made a change to what I normally post on a Friday. On Wednesday I will be reviewing a product by Rimmel and seeing if it is really Wonderful? Next Friday I will be talking about my current skincare and going into details about the products I am using at the moment.

Thanks for reading!