Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a foundation I have been trying recently from Rimmel. It is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I picked this up about 4 weeks ago as I wanted to try it out after hearing loads of reviews on it and I decided to try it myself. 

The idea behind this foundation is to brighten the skin and hide any sides of tiredness which something at times I really need. 

This foundation actually worked well for me. I was a bit optimistic about this as I expected it to make my spots appear more visibly and highlight areas which I wanted to conceal. 

However, this foundation did the complete opposite. I actually adore this foundation at the moment. It highligts all around my face but it doesn't make any of my spots look more visible. It highlights the right parts of my face.

I have actually worn this foundation a few times without concealer (I apply it in the corners of my eye) and I have noticed that it does conceal them very well. 

I would say that this foundation has a medium coverage but it highlights as well which os a whole lot. Especially for a drugstore concealer.

The lasting time is also amazing I find that it tends to last for about 4-6 hours which is perfect for me and it can be topped up. 

Another thing I have noticed is how well it works with primers especially the Benefit  primer. I have tried foundations that for some odd reason go 'cakey' whenever I use a primer. However this one doesn't if anything the primer actually improves the foundations ability to brighten my skin. 

Overall I really am impressed with this foundation it is a lightweight foundation that gives off decent coverage and manages to higlight and re-awaken my skin which in my opinion is a lot for a drugstore foundation. 

So this has been my review on the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I hope this is useful. On Friday I will be posting what I would class as my Top 5 Toners so don't forget to check that out. Next Wednesday I will be posting my review on the Boots Oil Absorbing sheets so don't forget to check that out as well. 

Thanks for reading !