Week 8 - Best and Worst Concealers

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So this is last post out of my '8 Weeks of Drugstore' and I am sad to end this series as I really have enjoyed sharing what I think are the best and the worst makeup products in the drugstore. Next Friday I will be posting about my 'Top 5' I might do this weekly or I might decided to this as an every now and then post. Basically I will be talking about the 'Top 5' toners or the 'Top 5' facial wipes. I have decided to post more about skincare now as recently I have been neglecting skincare related posts so they will be returning soon.

Anyway today I will be posting about 4 concealers all from the drugstore which I have categorized as the best and the worst. These concealers not only range in price but also in quality.

Firstly , as always I will be mentioning the two concealers that I would categorize as the best out of the four I have chosen. These are the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19)- This concealer is a 'holy grail' in the drugstore. I have mentioned why I have loved this before and I don't really want to repeat myself but this
concealer is just amazing. It has a dewy finish. It can cover spots really well , I have used this to cover my dark circles under my eyes and it really does conceal them. I personally wouldn't use this as a highlighter just because it is more of a 'conceal' rather than a brightener.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49)- This concealer has to be one of the best for highlighting. I would never use this too conceal a spot only due to the fact that it highlights the skin and therefore makes that particular area stand out more and appear brighter. One thing that I will mentioning is the shades , for me I have the right shade but I know that some people have found that the shades are all too pink and don't fully match their skin.

Now we move onto to the two concealers that I have labelled as the worst out of the four concealers I have chosen. These are the Natural Collection Cover up Cream and the Natural Collection Cover up Stick. 

Natural Collection Cover up Cream (£1.99)- This was actually the first concealer I tried from the Drugstore. And at the time I adored it I had never used a concealer properly before so this to me

was a 'holy grail' and I decided to try it again before. And I honestly do not like it at all it has to be one of the hardest products to blend. I find that it barely conceals my dark circles and doesn't help hide any of my spots. After wearing this for about an hour the concealer goes really orange and ends up standing out (not for the good reasons.)

Natural Collection Cover up Stick (£1.99)- I got this around January and I tried it for around two weeks and I hated it. It was hard to blend and it just didn't look right on my skin. I decided to re-purchase it a couple of weeks ago to see if maybe I liked it a bit more , sadly I still don't like this concealer. I was genuinely disappointed as I was really hoping that this concealer would work but sadly I just can't find anything that I like about this concealer. 

So this has been my final post out of the '8 Weeks of Drugstore' I have really enjoyed this series and I will be doing a new series in October as well as one near Christmas. Next Friday I will be posting about my 'Top' 5 Toners. Also on Wednesday I will be reviewing a foundation by Rimmel so check that out on Wednesday!

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